Where to find Asian groceries in the Northern Rivers?

Where to find Asian groceries in the Northern Rivers?

Where to find Asian groceries in the Northern Rivers? 2560 1709 Table Under a Tree
Dumplings, pickled ginger, chilli oil. Spices, pastes, quirky tins of vegetables. Funky soft drinks, noodles, mysterious vegetables. I love Asian grocery stores!

If you like cooking and exploring food, wandering the aisles of a grocery store anywhere in Asia is a very happy moment. It a given that whenever we travel (remember those days!), I’ll want to visit the local market and grocery store to immerse myself in the local ingredients. But it isn’t only something I do on holidays. I do it here at home. There’s actually plenty of great Asian grocery stores in the Northern Rivers that are well worth exploring. Let me tell you about some of culinary gems you can visit to stock up your pantry and your fridge.

In Lismore, there’s a few places to poke around. SG Asian Supermarket on Magellan Street is fantastic. Always friendly with a great range. I have yet to come out of the shop without buying far more things than I intended! Hot dumplings out the front, tins a plenty on the shelves and freezers stocked with everything from fish to natto to dumplings. A real one-stop shop for various cuisines (think Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino and more). Highly recommend.

Still in Lismore, over on Keen Street, Masala Fusion has a not long opened a grocery store off to the side of the restaurant. I’ve only had an initial wander about but it’ll be the go-to for whenever I need Indian spices and ingredients. Chaat masala is my latest obsession! Seriously, try it on anything.

In Bangalow and Byron, Red Ginger is the place to visit. They do home wares as well as groceries (and make their own dumplings – double win!) so you can pick up more than just groceries when you wander the store.

Ballina has an option too. Ballina Farm Fresh on River Street has a good range of Asian grocery items, predominantly Indian and Sri Lankan. They also stock Asian veggies so if you’re in need of something unusual, that’s a good option to checkout.

Mullum Asian Grocers on Dalley Street in Mullumbimby is another friendly option. And they even do bubble tea, which fills me with joy! Lots of great items, including homemade Thai bits and bobs, and they even sell durian when they can.

And if you really don’t want to do the cooking yourself, but still want an Asian fix at home, how about some locally made dumplings? I haven’t tried them yet, but have heard great things about the homemade dumplings offered by Dumpling Baby. Pork or vego. Might just have to put in an order…

Time to play with your food! Why not visit a local Asian grocery store and challenge yourself to try something new? You never know what you’ll come home with!



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