What’s with all the different pods?

Produce pods, meal pods and grazing pods galore

What’s with all the different pods?

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Meal pods? Grazing pods? Produce pods? What gives?!

When Table Under a Tree first came into being, our Meal Pods were the idea we built the business on. Connecting people visiting our Northern Rivers with great local ingredients to cook up a feast from small-scale local farmers, producers and growers.

Then we added Grazing Pods. A sampler of no-cook ingredients for those who wanted to get to know the region’s food but wanted to kick back. Think cheese, charcuterie, crackers, chutneys and wines. Perfect.

With a busy calendar of our farm and market tours too, we were singing the praises of fantastic locals left, right and centre. We were doing well, and even won some awards along the way.

Then COVID happened!

No more people visiting the region wanting tours and meal pod or grazing pod deliveries.

So along came the Produce Pod! Our change-induced business shift was quick. We simply used all the same farmers, producers and growers and put everything together in Produce Pods for locals!

For the last two months that is what has sustained our business. More than that, it is what has sustained us; kept up positive and upbeat, knowing we were helping people in isolation access great local produce. We love doing this so much that we’re going to keep doing it.

Enter Table Under a Tree’s new era.

Over coming weeks, we’ll be making some changes to make online ordering easy, giving you maximum flexibility. This will mean:

  • The website will be changed to make it easier to order home deliveries.
  • The Produce Pods will stay, in three different sizes – Weekend Getaway, for those visiting the region; and Week-Long (regular) and a Week-Long (Family).
  • We’ll simplify the Meal Pod menu, paring back the ingredients we supply with the Pods (we know most of you have the basics of oil, salt, pepper and the like) and this means we’ll be lowering the price too.

We’ll keep our system of delivering on Fridays, working with everyone to make sure your Pod is safely and securely delivered to you.

We are humble enough to know that we won’t nail everything straightaway, so we’ll be glad to get any feedback or ideas about who, what, when and where! Our commitment is to always connect you with fresh, seasonal, local produce; to encourage you to have fun using those ingredients; and to share the story of the fantastic people who grow, raise and make it all possible.

Real food, from real people at real places.