What’s on in June

What’s on in June

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Is there anything happening in the neighbourhood this month? Absolutely, just perhaps not the way it usually would! But there’s still fun and beauty and community to be found if you’ve had enough of isolation!

Lismore’s fantastic annual Lantern Parade is still on, albeit in a very different form. This year it’ll take place via the The Enchanted Windows – reimagined project. Registered local businesses will be decorating their shop front windows with lanterns, lights and more from Saturday June 13 up for two weeks. The windows will all be professionally photographed and combined into a film/virtual parade on Saturday, 20 June. Sounds fun! You can find more information here.

On a different front, Eltham Valley Pantry are having a huge garage sale on Saturday. 13 June (8am-1pm) . With the Pantry closing (see our other story here) Matt and Ash have a big old collection of cooking wear, baking pans, furniture and other bits and bobs that they’re going to sell off. You never know what you’ll find! Plus, they’ll have freshly baked pecan pies and coffee on the go. I suspect you’ll find me there!

Meanwhile, the whales keep coming. That was an awkward segue, but never mind! Yes, the annual whale migration continues, with those effortlessly graceful mammals heading north. I love seeing them so find yourself a vantage point and get out the binoculars. Even if you don’t see a whale, you can breathe in some fresh air and thank a higher power for the stunning part of the world we find ourselves in.