What’s on in August

What’s on in August

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Just when we thought things were ramping back up…

I had been looking forward to sharing news of a busy month ahead, but COVID news of recent days and weeks seems to have sent things in an unexpected direction. So while there’s things happening in the beautiful Northern Rivers over coming weeks and months, there’s also things not going ahead as expected.

Let’s start with the bad news…

The always popular Bangalow Billycart Derby had been pushed back to September, but the organisers have now conceded that the risks make that option untenable. Let’s look forward to its return in 2021 instead. Ditto that for Primex, the region’s premier agricultural field days. Primex had also been hoping for a rescheduled date in 2020, but announced last week that the event will be cancelled for the year, coming back in 2021. With many other events that would otherwise be held in the second half of the year already cancelled, let’s all cross our fingers for the run of the region’s shows that should be on in October and November. Stay tuned for updates on that front.

[Postscript: within a day of publishing this post we heard that sadly Bangalow Show has been cancelled for 2020. No news on Lismore, Mullum or others]

For the time being, better to turn our attention to things that are happening and things that we can do!

The big news on the event front is that the region’s weekend community markets have started back, with the relevant local councils giving the go-ahead for post-COVID operation. That means:

The region’s farmers markets continue to operate as usual.

For many people, the idea of crowds may not appeal though, so how about some options for other things to do this month?

How about a self-guided tour of the region’s ceramacists? The 2020 North Coast Mud Trail is on this month, over the weekend of 15-16 August. With 20 ceramacists opening their studios (with COVID-safe plans in place), there’s no reason not to get out and explore the Hinterland!

Or how about checking out a new wine bar in the heart of Lismore? After closing their popular Lindendale cafe location, a place I only managed to try for coffee a few times, the folks behind The Spotted Pig have reemerged in the centre of Lismore with a cool sounding wine bar. The small eats menu sounds great, and I’ve got my eyes on the mini hot dog which features a Fair Game Wild Venison Sausage with blueberry and apple. Yum. Definitely one we’ll be checking out this month.

For something super-chilled and relaxed, head over to Mullum to the brand new Wandana Brewing Co. Wandana have a rotating line-up of music and food trucks at the brewery every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Whatever you choose to do this month, let’s all stay safe, and support real people, making real food at real places.



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