What to find at the markets in October

What to find at the markets in October

What to find at the markets in October 2560 1920 Table Under a Tree

Who loves day light saving? I do, that’s for sure, and not just because it means summer is coming fast!

What I love about turning the clocks forward is that it coincides with the return of lots of the fruits and veggies we all love to eat. There’s something about the lightness and vitality of the produce that starts coming through in warmer months that appeals. Nature’s way of balancing the heft of winter.

October in the Northern Rivers sees changes in the range and quality of produce we have access to. The gentle shifts in vegetables and fruit that I talked about last month start to gain pace. Yes, the cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, beans (butter and round), zucchini, eggplant, beetroot, leeks, shallots, fennel, celery, potatoes and sweet potatoes are all still in good supply. Ditto for the pumpkin, kale, silver beet and chard.

But things like capsicums, cucumbers, lettuces and tomatoes are making their way back. The legendary Coopers Shoot Tomatoes have just returned to local farmers’ markets with the first of their heirloom tomatoes – and if you haven’t tried one of these before, well, you’ve been missing something special. It’s early days yet though, so maybe just wait a little longer yet before face planting in a tom! Don’t worry, I’ll be banging on about them when the time is right!

Speaking of legends and returns to the farmers’ markets, the other folks making their return are the delightful John and Lyndel from Picone Exotic Fruits. I ran into John and Lyndel last week, and was so pleased to hear that they’ll be back at the markets from this week after their annual winter break. Their range of exotic fruits is extraordinary. Beyond extraordinary actually – if you find them at the market just ask John what he’d recommend trying and trust that advice! We’ll look at incorporating some of his fruit into our Produce Pods as an option over the next few weeks.

On fruit more generally, the blueberries are spectacular still; strawberries are sublime; and the usual bananas, paw paw and passionfruit about are great. We’re still getting apples for now but have said farewell to oranges for the year. If you can find them, mulberries are amazing too. Just watch for the purple fingers!

Something else, well, someone else to look out for at local farmers’ markets (Bryon Bay on Thursdays and Mullumbimby on Fridays) is our friends from Byron Gourmet Mushrooms. They just started at both markets and I couldn’t be happier for Skye and the team. Their mushies are amazing and I hope this sees them go from strength to strength. Pick up a punnet at the market, or you can always order them through us.

As always, whatever you’re enjoying this month, make sure you’re eating real food, from real people at real places!



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