What to find at the markets in November

What to find at the markets in November

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We’re so far into spring now that I may as well start talking about summer! But not quite yet…

There’s still a great mix of fruit and veggies around at the moment, a mix of late winter and early summer, which actually make for a really interesting time of year. Hearty meals one night, a light salad the next! So what should you expect to put in those meals if you want to be seasonal and local?

On the veggie front, there’s some great cooler season options that we can continue enjoying for a little longer yet. That includes cabbages, beans, beetroot, carrots, leeks, kale, zucchini, pumpkin and more.

Veggies that will end their season soon though include broccoli, snow peas and fennel. Onions will end soon too, but spring onions will be the go-to in their place.

To balance that out, there’s new season options coming in to replace them. Think corn (expensive at the moment), cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant and the like. Of course, leafy salad greens start to come into their own now too.

On the fruit front, stone fruit are starting to appear – try Picone Exotics’ donut peaches while you can. We’ve got pink lady apples coming through, and the mainstays of awesome local bananas and papaya. Melons will be here before Christmas, although perhaps not quite in November. Berries are still about for now. Avocado will be with us for a few more months too, so keep smashing away!

And locally, so locally that they’re in my top paddock, blue quandong are in season too. I’ve been trawling the internet and talking with locals more knowledgeable than me about how to use these vibrant fruit. I’m looking forward to experimenting!

As always, whatever you’re enjoying this month, make sure you’re eating real food, from real people at real places!



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