What to find at the markets in July

What to find at the markets in July

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Winter vegetables are in full swing now and that means loads of veggies are in peak season this month. Time to get cooking good looking!

Rather than give you a usual list of veggies this month (it would be looooong!) I thought I’d give you some highlights. Things that will really be in full swing this month that you should definitely embrace.

It might sound boring, but broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are the three veggies I love, love, love at this time of year. The caulis and cabbage are enormous, crispy, sweet and just a joy to cook with. And the broccoli looks so green you can almost feel the nutrients in your hands.

When you pair any of these with beautiful fat, sweet leeks, you’re onto a winning combination. Double down on the green with kale, chard or spinach.

Broad beans, peas, sugar snaps and snow peas are also something to keep an eye out for over the next month. Set the kids to work podding the peas and enjoy the fruits of their labour with dinner!

For the fruit bowl, the citrus continues to be amazing and passionfruit are having a bumper crop this year. Local custard apples are having a great season too so if you haven’t tried one before, you’re missing out.

And avocados. That’s all I need to say!

But that doesn’t mean everything you might see in a supermarket is available from local growers. In our region (just like everywhere), there is seasonal ebb and flow in availability. That means there’s some things you won’t see much, if any, of over the coming months. Don’t expect to see much locally grown corn. Tomatoes are less plentiful and less lip-smackingly good now. Cucumbers are virtually gone for the next few months, and capsicums will follow suit reasonably soon.

Whatever you choose to eat, make sure you’re eating real food, from real people at real places.



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