What to find at the markets in August

What to find at the markets in August

What to find at the markets in August 1708 1068 Table Under a Tree

August is an in-between month in many ways – we’re not quite hitting spring produce, and sometimes the weather does funny things to the winter crops.

Luckily this year the winter veggies still seem to be doing well. There’s a few things that have eased off, or ended for now (corn, cucumbers, some citrus), but there’s plenty of great wintery produce to enjoy. Think cabbage, broccoli, chard, cauli, leeks, fennel and more.

And think turnips.

Turnips? For sure! We included turnips in one our of most recent weekly Produce Pods (the vegetable inclusions change slightly every week), and it kicked off quite the commentary and debate about whether anyone actually likes turnips! I confessed to being a fan of the humble turnip and was pleased – and relieved – to see others were in the same camp. It’s a funny thing, the ebb and flow of vegetable fashion. Beetroot is cool once more; and parsnips are almost chic. Brussel sprouts have made a come-back; and cauliflower seems to be the vegetable of the decade. And don’t get me started on Jerusalem artichoke!

But turnips are still awaiting their moment in the spotlight!

So think of this as a mini-spotlight. Get your hands on some locally grown turnips this month and have a go at some of these great recipes:

This month, whether you jump on board team turnip or not, make sure you’re eating real food, from real people at real places!



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