What to buy at the markets in March

What to buy at the markets in March

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What to look out for at the farmer’s markets in March

After a hot dry end to 2019, it is incredible to see things really starting to pump at the markets, with fresh produce looking fantastic.

The veggies are abundant and there’s some great options to be had. We posted on Instagram about our own gargantuan zucchini, so I can attest to the squash family comeback! But you can also load up a basket with fantastic local and fresh beans, eggplant, broccoli, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, beetroot, cabbage, carrots, kale, shallots, sweet potato, fennel, leek, silverbeet, salad greens and more.

Local fruit is also amazing now too.

Bananas? Tick.

Rockmelon? Tick.

Watermelon? Tick.

Paw paw? Tick.

Grapes? Tick.

Passionfruit? Yep.

Apples? Coming in from Stanthorpe, our Granite Belt neighbour and they’re new season so better than anything you’ll ever find in a supermarket.

John and Lyndel at Picone Exotics even have late season Brooks mangoes coming through. Seriously, I don’t know what magic he conjures! He’s also harvesting persimmon, jak fruit, lychee, and both pearl and red dragon fruit (we had one the other day and they are amazing). He’s also hopeful for a fig harvest, if we get some sun amidst the rain.

Really you can’t go wrong with a haul of seasonal produce in March, so a trip to the market is a must for any visitor. But to really make the most of it, come on a guided tour of the Byron Farmer’s Market on Thursdays and the Mullumbimby Farmer’s Market on Fridays with us! You’ll get a local and an insider’s perspective that you’ll never forget.

Find out more here and then we’ll see you at the market for some real food, from real people at real places.



PS. On a random note, English spelling is a curious thing… Vegetables with one g, but veggies with two? Sometimes I am baffled by my own language!