What to buy at the markets in January

What to buy at the markets in January

What to buy at the markets in January 1350 900 Table Under a Tree

What to look out for at the farmer’s markets in January

Last month we told you that the drought is impacting on the produce that you’re likely to find at any farmer’s market in the Byron area and unfortunately that message holds true for the next month as well. That said, you’ll still find some amazing produce, fresh from the farms at any of the markets you go to this month. Here’s some options to keep an eye out.

The mangoes on our tree are still a few weeks away, but start looking for local supplies soon. And really, nothing beats a fresh mango so grab one as soon as you can.

The last of the stone fruit will be around while the papaya and passionfruit will be in full swing. There’s great local bananas too and hopefully, Picone Exotics will be bringing more of their extraordinary crops to market. The dry weather knocked them about in December with John and Lyndel having to sit out the markets. Here’s hoping for a more productive month ahead for them. Other fruit to look out for are Davidson Plums, although the heat and high winds may also be an issue there.

Corn, fennel, leeks, zucchini, capsicum, squash and eggplants have all been looking great at the markets in the last few weeks. Ratatouille anyone? You might even find some garlic scapes if you’re lucky.

Local blueberries are in peak season and they’re delicious. Buy them by the bucket load.

Coopers Shoot Tomatoes are still turning out the most fabulous tomatoes. Do. Not. Miss. Them!

And what goes with tomatoes? An abundant bunch of fresh local basil!

Honestly my mouth is watering. Of course, the best way to experience the local markets is to get a local’s perspective on what’s good, and who to get it from. We take tours of the Byron Farmer’s Market on Thursdays and the Mullumbimby Farmer’s Market on Fridays. Both are brilliant markets and by coming on tour with us you’ll get an insider’s experience that you’ll never forget.

Find out more here and then we’ll see you at the market for some real food, from real people at real places.



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