The times, they are a-changing

The times, they are a-changing

The times, they are a-changing 2000 1333 Table Under a Tree
Like any good business operators, we’re always looking for ways to improve how we do what we do. So when 2020… well… happened, we took the opportunity to do a little housekeeping. It seemed like as good a time as any, and now we’re ready to let you know what we’ve been up to and where to from here.

On the surface, actually nothing changes. That’s not an anti-climax because we keep celebrating, championing and delivering produce from local, small-scale farmers and growers in the Northern Rivers.

What does change is a little bit of how we do that. Let me talk you through it.

For starters, our popular Meal Pods are back. Simplified and refreshed and perfect for visitors and for locals alike. You can order them now in more sizes (up to 8 people as standard options, and more if you need to), and you can order them separately, or with Produce Pods or other items. The Meal Pods are a great way to play with local ingredients so pick one and have a go! We will now deliver them as part of our single Friday delivery route. If you’re visiting the region and need to arrange something different, just drop us a line and we can usually arrange a suitable alternative.

All our deliveries of Produce Pods and Meal Pods will now be made using a returnable crate. The crates are already recycled (they are ones used to import flowers into the country) and we’ve cleansed and sanitised them, and will sanitise them after each use. There will be a small hire fee ($6) that we will refund each time you return a crate. In situations where the crate isn’t suitable, we will use our custom-made cooler bags which will be yours to keep (non-refundable $6).

We have also introduced a new online ordering tool that looks and works so much better than the current one. It is live on the website now, and you can order Pods up to a month in advance, but still with the Tuesday 4pm cutoff for Friday delivery. You can order either or both Produce Pods and Meal Pods or any combination of single items you would like to. You can select from the array of standard items we offer, and on the check-out page there is an option to order any other items we might not have listed. A different cut of meat? A seasonal veggie? A jar of this, that or the other? If we can find it from one of our producers, we’ll get it for you!

We will continue to offer free delivery with orders over $50, and will send you an invoice prior to your delivery. For Produce Pod add-ons, we do show prices on the website, some of which are fixed while others are estimates, with the final price based on market prices and weight. This is why you will not be charged up front for your delivery. If a price varies significantly from our estimate, we’ll get in touch with you before delivery, otherwise we will calculate your invoice once we pack your Pod and email it to you the day before we deliver. For variable prices, we charge the market price, with a small 10% handling cost.

We are introducing an option for a weekly standing order, which you can have in place for regular Produce Pod deliveries, with the option to override with extras or pause when you need to. To put one of these in place, you simply need to email me and we’ll make it happen.

And because the nature of our deliveries has shifted more heavily to fresh produce, we’ve just made the leap and purchased a refrigerated ute. Buddy, as we’ve named it, is nothing flash and has done a kilometre or two (hundred thousand!), but it does mean that we’ll still be able to get your deliveries to you in pristine condition as the heat and humidity of summer rolls around. It also means a single delivery run and capacity to deliver even more Pods, so that’s more support for small-scale farmers we can provide! Happy days.

There will inevitably be teething issues as we get these tweaks embedded, so I appreciate your forbearance in advance. Most importantly though, I appreciate your ongoing support as it is what enables us to keep operating in what has been a diabolical year for so many small businesses across the globe.

So a profound thank you – and here’s to continuing to explore fresh, seasonal, local produce together.



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