The bees and the coffee

The bees and the coffee

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There’s a lot going on over at Zentveld’s single estate organic coffee plantation right now and it is sweet and delicious.

Coffee and honey, two of my favourite things… At Zentveld’s, their plantation is home to a collection of happy bees. Housed in an array of traditional stacked hives, as well as the locally-invented Flow Hive, the bees have an important role to play in pollinating the coffee. Logical really.

After months and months of dry conditions, the late-December rains set off coffee blossoms a-plenty for the bees to get busy with. In fact, Bec Zentveld tell us it was their single biggest flowering set ever. So some good came of the extended dry season! The trees were ready-set-go to flower and all it took was a decent downpour before the coffee blossoms were everywhere! And that meant happy bees everywhere, busy doing their good pollinating work. And that means it’s coffee blossom honey time!

Bec and the team have been harvesting the honey and it is super sweet and mild, with a little citrus-y spark. Coffee blossoms are really fragrant like a  jasmine flower and it turns out that fragrance translates into a really beautiful honey, available from the Roastery now.

And even better, they also have their super-rare  30 mile blend available in the Roastery at the moment. Fabulously proper local, it is a small-batch special that is only offered in-house. This blend comes from their farm and one other, near Nimbin, and is naturally organic. Once you taste a coffee like this, you’ll be converted to locally-grown for life!

Of course, we love to visit Zentveld’s on our Farm Tours, and we’d love to take you to visit Bec and co. It is an amazing plantation to see, smell, taste and experience. Zentveld’s are the epitome of the local, small-scale producers and growers that we love to support. Come and meet them with us!