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Well before the stream of millennial baristas-turned hipster coffee roasters became a thing, Rebecca and John Zentveld were busily taking a fledging coffee plantation established by John’s parents and turning it into an award-winning, industry leading stalwart of the local food scene.

For years Zentveld’s has set the benchmark for taking coffee from the crop to the cup and continues explore how best to care for their soils, waterways and land for a sustainable future. They are real pioneers of the local coffee industry. The family first planted five varieties of arabica coffee back in 1987. But the coffee story really flourished when Rebecca set up the roastery on the plantation at the age of 23. Low food-mile coffee is now something the Zentvelds live with and live for! As Bec says, “we grow it, roast it, serve it and supply it to whoever truly appreciates the natural sweet flavour, it’s natural spray free properties and real low coffee miles”.

Zentveld’s grow their coffee sustainably as possible. Luckily this region does not have any of the pests and diseases that all other coffee countries face. But for the family, their focus is more holistic. They invest in the soil, growing nitrogen fixing legumes, planting bee and insectary plants, and  regenerating the rainforest creek with natural habitat. There’s plenty of cow poo mulch to cool and feed the soil too! All this builds carbon and brings resilience to the coffee trees allowing them to survive and still thrive through changing climatic conditions.

The Roastery door is the real aroma factory: roasting beans, grinding coffee, packing leaf teas, herbal infusions and yes, chocolate. Their chocolate espresso beans are spectacular!

We love using Zentveld’s Coffee in our meal pods, and we also love taking visitors to see the Plantation for themselves on one of our food tours.

Quirks and curiosities

  • The cooler microclimate of the NSW North Coast induces a slower ripening season, developing characteristic sweetness and low caffeine in locally grown coffee.
  • Zentveld’s proudly uses a plastic free cup for their takeaway coffees. The cup, made in Brisbane by Castaway Food Packaging has no lining, which means you just drink up and then flatten like cardboard to put in the recycling.

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Where to buy or taste

  • Direct from the Plantation (193 Broken Head Road, Newrybar) or online and from numerous retail outlets in the region.
  • From plenty of cafes in the region including Byron Bay Cookies, Bangalow Heritage House, Wreck Lane Coffee Co, Suffolk Bakery and Bruns Bakery
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