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Teven Valley Ice Cream
small-scale, big-flavour ice cream
Mark Parry is a tinkerer if ever we’ve met one. Flavours, textures, ingredients – you name it. His mind is in perpetual motion as he contemplates options for ice cream adventures.

Teven Valley Farm is where the magic happens. A stunning place on the banks of Maguires Creek, tucked inland from Lennox Head, the farm was a stone-fruit orchard with around 6,500 trees. Mark and his family have chosen to slowly convert the property to produce ingredients for their own range of ice creams.

Mark uses Norco milk for the ice cream, which is as fresh as he can get without milking the cows himself. The rest of the ingredients are grown either on the farm or by small local producers close by.

And Mark is justifiably proud of his range of flavours. Yes, they are a bit adventurous and you’re unlikely to find them in any supermarket. Stout; Roasted Banana; Davidson Plum; Pumpkin; Burnt Honey. Even Hemp. He changes flavours with the season and has promised to make us a bespoke Table flavour. What on earth will it be?!

The emphasis is on producing ice cream by hand in small batches, and as Mark says, a couple of scoops of good ice cream is all you will need to remind yourself that great food and an occasional indulgence really is worth seeking out.

Quirks and curiosities

  • Originally from the region, Mark is another of our career-changers. In a previous life, he worked in IT in Seattle and Boston, specialising in product management and IT strategy. Ice cream is much more enjoyable!
  • Teven Valley Farm is also home to a small herd of Dexter cows but Mark openly admits that he doesn’t know how to milk them!

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