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Picone Exotic Fruits
an exotic fruit oasis
Wild sugar apple, chocolate pudding fruit, canistel, jewel corns, Mexican cream guava, mamey, grumichama, even something called gac.

Then there’s the figs, dragonfruit, kampot pepper, jackfruit, plums, persimmon, prickly pear, sapote, pomegranate, jicama, cassava, taro, ginger, cardamom and even vanilla.

It is probably easier to tell you what John Picone doesn’t grow than to lists everything he does! Picone Exotic Fruits is literally an oasis of fruit. Set amongst a 60 hectare property that John and his wife Lyndel are slowly regenerating, the small patch left to food production turns out over 400 varieties of tropical and subtropical fruits as well as the pepper, vanilla and some other select roots and vegetables. If that’s not enough, John also ferments black garlic, pickles capers, makes his own wine and is a deft hand at curing anchovies. And he has a wood-fire pizza oven that we’re seriously jealous of!

John tends to his orchard with a natural approach, eschewing pesticides in favour of more simple approaches. He refers to it as following biological principles.

You won’t find many of the fruits he grows at supermarkets, and that’s why we absolutely love what he’s doing. It is a total food adventure, and when he has quirky fruit in season, you’ll find them in our meal pods!

Quirks and curiosities

  • John is another of our life-changers: he spent his formative years on the Sicilian Island of Lipari before emigrating to Australia and going into graphic design in Sydney’s inner-city!
  • Want to know why vanilla is so special? It isn’t just the taste: John hand pollinates the vanilla orchid himself with a tiny needle.

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