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Nimbin Valley Rice
locally grown dryland rice
The Boyle family is renowned in the Goolmangar area, having farmed in the Nimbin Valley for over 100 years.

As often happens in multi-generation farming endeavours, the current generation saw changing times – and weather – take them in a new direction. So what started as a dairy farm has been moving in a different path since 1991, with an initial foray into pecans and more recently adding a unique dry land rice.

It wasn’t local weather conditions that prompted the move towards rice.

During a drought in the established NSW rice-growing regions during the mid-2000s, Australian rice company Sunrice turned their attention northward, looking to convert cane-growers to an alternative crop. Frank Boyle, who also taught agriculture at Woodlawn College in Lismore, got some seed at a local field day with a plan to try it out with both his students at school and on the family property.

From that first crop that yielded a modest 2.5 ton of rice, the rest, as they say, is history.

Nimbin Valley Rice now produces brown jasmine rice and a brown medium-grain rice, all of which is grown, processed, packaged – and marketed – by Frank and his wife Andrea themselves. A new Boyle family era!

Quirks and curiosities

  • Frank uses a biological farming approach to growing his rice. Think composts, green manure crops and compost teas that build soil health to farm more sustainably.
  • The Japanese variety he grows is planted into dry fields, not flooded paddies, and managed as if it were a grain like wheat or barley.

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