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Buy local, eat well and smile often: that’s the mantra of Mullumbimby’s Lifeforce Farm and it’s a pretty good rule of thumb.

Luckily for us, Lifeforce Farm make it possible for us to buy local and eat well when it comes to salad greens and herbs. That sure makes us smile, and we’re certain it’ll make you smile too.

The force behind Lifeforce is the happy farming pair of Sheia and Isaac. With collective wisdom garnered from careers in microbiology and as a produce warehouse manager and primary wholesaler at Rocklea Markets in Brisbane, it makes sense that these two know how to grow quality organic produce.

All their crops are soil grown, not hydroponic. This means their produce benefits from the natural relationship between the plant and the nutrients found in the ground.

Fundamentally logical when you think about it…

Their produce is also certified organic, which provides enormous benefits but also real challenges when farming in the sub-tropics. Learning to manage the farm through succession planting, soil health, bespoke infrastructure and what they term bio-intensive agriculture has been a case of lifelong education for the pair.

And while they work their land with reverence, we’re delighted to use their delicious produce to nourish body and spirit.

Quirks and curiosities

  • Lifeforce Farm had it’s start as a one-off trial of industrial hemp before Sheia and Isaac decided to focus on other crops.
  • Mullumbimby, or Mullum to locals, has turned out its fair share of notable residents. The local pool (a great spot to cool down in summer if you want a change from salty water) is named after Olympic swimming gold medallist Petria Thomas, and even rapper and singer Izzy Azalea grew up in the town.
  • Mullum is also home to one of the other great music festivals in the region: the annual Mullum Music Festival. A chilled event held in November, it lives up to its billing as the no-hassle festival!

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