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La Finca Booyong is the happy home to Alphy and Pac-Man the alpacas, more than a few cattle, Jeffery the wether and his coterie of ewes and lambs, a lovely old pig, an assortment of cats and dogs and around 900 laying chooks. And then there’s Katie, Graham and the kids!

Katie Wessling is the sixth generation of her family to run the 45-acre farm at beautiful Booyong, but its fair to say that she’s added her own flair to things. While her father is one of the world’s leading macadamia experts and where the family had traditionally raised beef cattle, Katie has taken things in a different direction. The farm is now a thriving egg haven for a flock of chooks who are producing eggs that are exactly the way they should be (or egg-xactly to roll out a lousy pun!). They are fresh and tasty you can enjoy them while feeling good about the life of the chickens who lay them.

The chickens at La Finca are pasture raised, and live in caravans that are moved regularly. The chooks forage on open paddocks throughout the day with each chicken laying an egg every 26 hours or so.

These chooks also happen to have one of the best views in the region. Lucky girls!

Quirks and curiosities

  • Running alpaca with chooks is not a random choice. Alpaca are known for their guardian nature and will fend off foxes and other predators, even chasing and stomping them to protect their feathered friends.
  • What’s in a name? Pasture raised eggs are different to free range. Pastured chooks spend the day roaming – you guessed it – pasture. Free-range eggs are from chooks that have access to the outdoors, but still spend much of their day indoors.

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