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Paul Messenger describes Husk as a first generation, new world distiller. We’ll just call their range of rums and gin incredible and tell you they are a must-try on any visit to the region.

Husk is a family business, with Paul, wife Mandy and daughters Harriet, Edwina and Claudia all working in the business. Their cattle and cane farm is in Tumbulgum, and the family create distinct spirits that are both unusual and delicious.

They are perhaps best known for their Ink Gin, a premium dry gin made with 13 organic botanicals, including a mix of traditional and Australian natives. Locally grown lemon myrtle leaf, coriander seed, Tasmanian pepper berry and sweet orange peel are all used, but it is the specially prepared petals of the butterfly pea flower that are added to the still for 24 hours that give Ink Gin its distinctive colour.

What is fantastic about their range of award winning rums is not only that they cultivate, harvest, crush, distil and mature the product themselves, but also just how unique they are. Inspired by the rum culture of the Caribbean islands, Paul makes premium, paddock-to-bottle agricole rum. Agricole rum is rum made from freshly crushed sugar cane juice, instead of molasses and only around 3% of the world’s rum are made this way. It means that like fine wines, the rums have what the French call terroir. The rums will change in flavour from year to year as the geology, soil, topography, water and climate shifts, ebbs and flows.


Quirks and curiosities

  • When Ink Gin is mixed with something low pH – tonic, lime, lemon – you’ll see the colour change from blue to blush pink.
  • The Messenger’s family farm has its own waste disposal team: 30 very spoilt cattle who get to eat all the distillery waste and makes them some of the fattest, happiest cows in the area!

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  • We proudly stock a range of Husk products available to purchase here

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