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Heart Breads
classic artisan sourdough
There’s a hand made theme running through everything about Heart Breads.

Hand made wood fired oven. Hand split wood. Hand shaped loaves. Simon Ivanac puts not only a lot of heart into his spectacular loaves of bread, but an extraordinary amount of time, effort and expertise hard-earned through experimentation and learning everything he could about authentic natural leavened breads.

Simon is a self-taught baker who built his own ovens. There are now two ovens, constructed from a range of materials found fossicking at second hand yards and sales. Based on a concept from revered brick oven designer and builder Alan Scott, Simon’s ovens are wood fired and capable of holding heat to bake multiple oven loads throughout the night and into the next day.

And yes, he hand splits all the wood that goes into the ovens, using wood from old clearing sites.

All the breads, buns, brioche, slabs, splits and swirls are formed by hand. There are no tins, forms or dividing machines in sight! There is a carefully tended 12 year old rye starter that gives that classic sour flavour to the loaves – all of which use organic flours and grains sourced from within NSW from the Demeter Mill at Gunnadah. Long, slow proving times improve that flavour and make this the best thing since…

Quirks and curiosities

  • To balance the reliance on wood to bake his loaves, Simon started a small planting program on his farm and contributes to a reforestation program in Indonesia that works to help save endangered species.
  • Did you know that apparently the oldest bread known to historians is a loaf discovered in Switzerland, dating from 3500 BC.

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