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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing, at least according to the delightful Ash Hill, proprietor of Fallen Leaf Tea in Burringbar.

We came across Fallen Leaf Tea when we first started exploring this region, and loved the place right from the start. The Fallen Leaf Espresso and Tea Bar has a small but delicious food menu to go with the star of the show: hand crafted tea blends that manage to meet the challenge of both tasting great and being good for you. Oh yes, there’s coffee as well!

Ash Hill is a practicing herbalist and iridologist who operates the full herbal dispensary on site and offers tailored herb and botanical blends that can help with many health conditions. Packed with vitamins and trace nutrients, her teas are beautiful to drink. Ash sources each raw tea ingredient from other passionate foodies and growers to create the blends locally. She keeps ingredients in whole form and only grinds teas in small batches for maximum taste and freshness.

In our breakfast pods, we love supplying the Queensland grown Straight Up Black tea and for something a little different, love to use the herbal blends as spritzer in the heat of summer.

Cocktail anyone?

Quirks and curiosities

  • Ash is something of a perennial learner: in addition to having an Advanced Diploma in Natural Therapies and Massage, she’s also studied classical herbal medicine and iridology and did a two year working apprenticeship with a Master of Ancient Esoteric Tradition. We’re not sure what that is exactly, but we’re impressed and curious!
  • Tea is naturally high in antioxidants which slows the absorption of caffeine. A gentler start to the day!

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