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Jonas Widjaja positively bounces with energy and enthusiasm. Maybe that’s because he eats plenty of the wild-harvested venison he supplies to restaurants, cafes, butchers and lucky folks like us!

Fair Game Wild Venison is one of those businesses that make you wonder why no one thought of it before. The business, started by Jonas in 2018, solves a significant problem, feral deer; with a simple solution, wild-caught venison.

In regions close to the Hinterland, wild deer are an introduced species that need to be culled to protect farmlands and native vegetation. As they over-graze, trample vegetation and cause soil erosion deer can also damage habitat for native species. But the meat is as natural as can be, and by default it is free from added hormones and antibiotics. With a team of field-harvesters and access to a number of properties where deer are especially problematic, Jonas has put in place an operation that can process this premium quality venison for local tables.

Jonas sources various breeds of deer, including fallow and chital. Like other wild produce, access can be seasonal, with impacts from drought, fire and rain. Jonas takes a strongly no-waste stance, with as much of the carcass being used as possible. This includes offal, as well as the skins and antlers which are used for hand carved knife handles.  Jonas has also struck up a remarkable collaboration with regional heavyweight, Salumi Australia, to produce a venison salami.

We’re excited to collaborate with Fair Game and encourage you to try this artisan, hand-harvested, hand-processed and just exceptional quality meat. We’re also excited to offer the option to take you to meet Jonas and visit his processing facility as part of one of our farm tours.

Quirks and curiosities

  • Venison is an incredible healthy option for those who choose to eat meat, with a more diverse micro-nutrient profile than other meats.
  • Classic flavour combinations for venison include cranberries, apple, pumpkin and brussel sprouts; more adventurous foodies might want to try it paired with honey or coffee.

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