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Dona Cholita Tortilleria
organic corn tortillas and totopos
You haven’t tasted a tortilla until you’ve had one made in the traditional Mexican way, baked in a genuine Mexican tortilla oven, using the simplest of ingredients.

Mexico, by way of Burringbar that is…

Luckily for all of us, there’s no need to travel to Mexico to have one, thanks to the dynamic Australian-Mexican duo of Joey and Jefte, aka Doña Cholita Tortilleria. Named for Jefte’s Grandmother, who inspired in them a love of good food – and Mexican cooking – the business showcases genuine Mexican food. This isn’t the fluorescent orange cheese laden dishes loaded with sour cream and freeze dried bacon that many of us grew up thinking was Mexican!

After settling in the Northern Rivers with Joey, Jefte craved the tastes of his childhood, and because he simply couldn’t find a tortilla that ‘tasted like a tortilla’, the two began baking their own tortillas from scratch, so that they could replicate the traditional Mexican experience at home.

Now Joey and Jefte make – we think – the best corn tortillas and totopos around. They’re natural, handmade products that use organic whole grain corn, which is soaked, cooked and ground, in the traditional way, and turned into masa harina, or maize flour. There’s no numbered or unpronounceable ingredients here.

As the two are fond of saying, life is too short to eat bad Mexican!

Quirks and curiosities

  • Doña Cholita Tortilleria bakes tortillas with traditional nixtamalized maize flour. Nixtamalization activates the maize, which breaks down enzymes, making it easier to digest and access the nutrients in the corn.
  • Tortillas really are everyday food in Mexico and apparently it’s not unusual for your average Mexican to eat at least eight fresh corn tortillas a day!

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Where to buy or taste

  • Numerous retail outlets in the region
  • You can search for outlets near you using Joey and Jefte’s website
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