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Byron Gourmet Pasta
fresh handmade ravioli and pasta
Locally born and bred, Liam Ahern brings a rakish charm to the world of pasta.

Liam, who grew up in the Northern Rivers, bought an existing pasta business just over two years ago with the aim to make it over to be as natural and as local as possible. And he’s done just that, and Byron Gourmet Pasta has gone from strength to strength, gathering a cult following along the way.

His pastas – everything from rigatoni to spaghetti to those pockets of deliciousness, his ravioli – are all made by hand from the production room in Ballina. And they’re all vegan, with nary an egg in sight. Just flour (semolina or spelt), water, salt and a touch of apple cider vinegar. He makes it sound so simple, but of course it takes a deft hand to make pasta as silky and smooth as Byron Gourmet Pasta.

While his range of fresh pastas are sublime, the ravioli can sometimes steal the show. Liam, who brings his background as a chef to the fore, is always contemplating new ways to incorporate local ingredients into the ravioli. Local macadamias and pecans. Mushrooms when in season. Debbie Allard’s sublime Cheeses Loves You cheese. The list goes on.

Pasta perfection in our books.

Quirks and curiosities

  • Taking the no-waste mantra to heart, any scraps from daily pasta production are collected and given to a local greyhound rescue facility.
  • It was Liam who inspired our ravioli dish, where we layer his “The Debbie Special” ricotta-filled ravioli with even more of Debbie’s cheese on top. Kudos to you Liam!

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