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There’s nothing like a health scare to inspire a life change. That’s only part of the story for Skye Johnston, founder of Byron Gourmet Mushrooms and head guardian of the stunning property Windaboo, but it’s an important part.

Windaboo, in the heart of the Hinterland at Rosebank, is the home base of Byron Gourmet Mushrooms, a boutique mushroom farm producing an extraordinary array of fungi. While the focus is on edible shrooms for now, Skye’s long-term interest is to explore the world of medicinal mushrooms, a desire inspired by her personal experiences.

And this is a team effort. Skye has pulled together a dynamic trio of locals in the talented Jed, Toby and Emily. Toby, with his background in bush regeneration and foraging; and Jed, a former chef, bring the perfect balance of skills and sensibilities to the fledging farm. Emily holds down the fort and keeps the boys on an even keel! Together, the team has thrown themselves into the world of mushrooms and recently notched up their organic certification. This is no run of the mill mushroom farm either, with shitake, oyster, chestnut, pioppino, lion’s mane, pearl and nameko just to name some of the varieties they produce.

All the mushrooms are grown on organic materials using by-products from local organic sugar cane and sustainable native timber plantations. Rainwater harvested from the onsite sheds provides the necessary moisture. Apart from being the most photogenic mushrooms you’re likely to find, they also taste spectacular!

So, have you ever wondered how mushrooms are farmed? Come on a farm tour with us and you can come and meet the Skye, Jed and Toby and see for yourself. It is something to behold.

Quirks and curiosities


  • We’ve been eating mushrooms for years. From the ancient Egyptians, to the Romans and Greeks, to the traditional use of mushrooms in Chinese culture, humans have long explored their food, health and medicinal properties.
  • Is a truffle a mushroom? Yes and no. Both are fungi and both are delicious, but where a mushroom grows above ground, truffles grow underground attached to tree roots.

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