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Byron Bay Wild Cider
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Cider, good cider, is about as traditional as it gets. Adding native Australian finger limes, grown here in the Northern Rivers, is not so traditional!

Byron Bay Wild Cider is a family owned business based in the region, producing premium cider using all Australian grown ingredients. The Finger Lime and Apple Cider is both refreshing and unique. Finger limes are native to Australia, and specifically to the northern NSW and south-eastern Queensland. Used by the Aboriginal people for thousands of years, they are enjoying a resurgence in culinary use thanks to their unique caviar-like flesh and lemon-lime flavour. They make a great addition to cider and will appeal to anyone who likes a crisp, dry beverage.

And while we love the Finger Lime and Apple cider, keep an eye out for their other brew: Quandong & Pear. Quandong is a native peach which is tart, but highly nutritious with twice the vitamin C of an orange.

Quirks and curiosities

  • It might surprise you to know that less than 15% of Australia’s craft cider market is made with 100% Australian grown fruit. So if you’re a fan of cider, start to keep an eye out for those bearing the new Cider Australia trust mark. A world first, the trust mark will identify craft ciders made with 100% Australian grown fruit.
  • And if you can’t get hold of Byron Wild Cider after your trip, here’s another tip for cider lovers. This one isn’t local, but it is family. If you find yourself in the Canberra region, check out 3 Sons Cider. A great range of bespoke ciders made by  Table’s big brother! On tap at local bars and in the bottle at select liquor stores. Yes we’re biased!

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  • Available at select bottle shops throughout the region including Celebrations (Lennox Head), Clunes Store (Clunes), The Cellar Bottleshop (Bangalow),  Great Northern Hotel Bottleshop (Byron Bay) and at The Pass Cafe (Byron Bay)
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