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Amanda Adams and Michael Morgan wake up every morning to a stunning view toward Nimbin Rocks, Sphinx Rock and the Night Cap mountain range. It’s an outlook to savour, almost as much most of us savour a morning cup of coffee!

Amanda and Michael are the people behind Byron Aromas Single Estate Coffee. Their coffee estate is lush almost beyond imagination, sitting high on a ridge in Koonorigan, around 250 metres above sea level. With this elevation, their coffee benefits from cooler temperatures and a longer ripening period, giving their beans a unique sweet and mellow flavour without any bitter aftertaste.

The Australian coffee industry has come a long way since the days of cuppa-cinos and indistinguishable instant powder. And while local roasteries are perhaps better known, one of the most impressive things about Amanda and Michael’s estate is that they see the process from plant to cup. They grow, harvest, process and roast their coffee, giving them complete control over the end product.

And they’ve put a lot of thought and work into how to get the best flavour into the cup. They roast the beans over an extended time at low temperatures to really develop their characteristics. Their dark roast – our preferred option – gives the natural chocolate and caramel undertones a chance to come through.

Quirks and curiosities

  • There are two types of coffee bean grown in the world: arabica and robusta. Robusta beans have a higher yield and contain more caffeine and tend to be used for instant coffee. Arabica is more suited for roasted coffee and is the only bean exclusively grown in the region.
  • Coffee has been grown in Australia for over 200 years, with the Northern Rivers industry undergoing a resurgence from the 1980s.

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