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Georgina Goddard and Morgwn Wilkie describe themselves as ethicureans. It’s a great description for a pair of farmers who set out to produce top quality, ethical food – in their case chicken and pork – without depriving taste.

With only a few years farming under their belts, what they’ve been able to achieve in that time is just incredible. Inspired by health issues and the struggle to find a responsible source of pasture-raised protein, the young family decided to start their own small scale farm. From an initial run of just 60 chickens, Brooklet Springs is now raising and processing around 300 premium chickens a week.

But what does pasture raised mean? Simple. Georgina and Morgwn’s chooks spend their days on grass in a natural habitat with space to roam and forage. Their home-constructed chicken caravans are moved daily which not only means the birds are healthy and happy, but also means the pasture and soil can be managed carefully for optimum condition.

And while it is an unfortunate platitude that lots of things ‘taste like chicken’, the truth is, pasture raised chicken tastes nothing like the bland, lifeless meat that is all too common these days.

Brooklet Springs chicken is a revelation on this front. Flavour, texture and sheer quality. A casual glance at the list of restaurants using their meat makes that plain to see.

Quirks and curiosities

  • Like many of our producers, farming wasn’t the first career choice for Georgina and Morgwn… It’s a funny path from architect and builder to chicken farmers!
  • Brooklet Springs chooks and pigs like their daily muesli. The nearby production facility for well-known Brookfarm sends all the waste from their bakehouse to feed the animals.

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