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Boorabee Dorper
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Marina and Warren Wiggins may originally be teachers by profession, but they both have farming in their blood. The pair were born and raised in western NSW on properties that ran everything from cattle to free-range chooks to – you guessed it – Dorper Lamb!

Still, it’s a long way from Warialda to Bexhill, and there was a whole different set of local challenges for the family to contend with as they established their now thriving sheep stud. Many people are still surprised it is possible to produce premium lamb in a region known for its heat, humidity and wet conditions. Then there’s the wild dogs that are a constant threat for farmers in the area. But Warren and Marina have developed and adopted their approach to farming methods very thoughtfully.

There’s the Marema dogs that help guard the flock, the biodynamic principles embedded into their approach to pasture management and their careful approach to breeding which has seen them focus on achieving elite scores in the Dorper Sheep Society’s Breed Standard of Excellence.

Dorpers are a breed of sheep ideally suited to the Northern Rivers. They shed their fleece naturally and have tough hooves that cope with the wet conditions. For those of us who remember the days of chewy, greasy mutton chops, the Dorpers are a perfect breed of sheep to enjoy real lamb flavour that is tender all throughout. Lower in fat than other breeds, the meat is a beautiful deep rich red colour, with a sensational taste.

A casual glance at the local restaurants using Boorabee Dorper lamb is an clear sign of the quality of this product. We’re glad to use this fabulous lamb in our meal pods.

Quirks and curiosities

  • The sheep at Boorabee Dorper Stud graze on quality pasture and natural grasses that include cloves, plantain and chicory – sounds like a salad we’d have for lunch!
  • Warren and Marina have oversight of their product from beginning to end, having recently established an on-farm processing facility to breakdown their carcasses and personally manage the way they bring their meat to local markets and restaurants.

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