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Baraka Gourmet Foods
hummus, falafel, babaganoush and more
Tucked away in the small village of Billinudgel is a little pocket of hummus-flavoured happiness.

We’re not going to enter into the debate about who invented hummus. Is it Lebanese? Was it Israel? Perhaps even Turkish? We just know it tastes fantastic, especially when it is a tub made right here in the Northern Rivers by our friends at Baraka Gourmet Foods!

Baraka is a family business that started back in 2006. Using a stack of recipes passed down through the original owner’s family, Baraka’s range now includes some fantastic traditional Middle Eastern and North African food, as well as some newer creations that make the most of modern ingredients. Hemp seed hummus anyone?

Led by Alan and his team, Baraka are a staple at some of the local markets, and we value their focus on using real ingredients to make food that is free of preservatives, colouring and chemicals. Alan also has a strong focus on minimising Baraka’s environmental footprint, with a track record of supporting green suppliers, composting any waste from production and minimising packaging.

We love their hummus – of course – and have been known to eat the Moroccan capsicum salsa straight from the tub. Truth be told, we’ll dive into any of their goodies, knowing it’ll taste great.

Quirks and curiosities

  • Apparently hummus is an aphrodisiac, thanks to the presence of chickpeas which are loaded with iron, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. We make no claims in this regard!
  • The village name Billinudgel is derived from the Bundjalung language and means “once belonged to a parrot”!

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