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We deliver every Friday across the Northern Rivers.

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We source and deliver items made or grown in the Northern Rivers. Orders may close early if we reach maximum capacity.

Pods include a selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables (visit our Facebook page to see the current list). Request other items for your delivery and we’ll do our best to get them for you (market price with 10% handling cost).

Free delivery on orders over $60, or $5 delivery fee. Pods delivered in reusable crate with a one-off $5 crate hire fee.

We deliver to all Hinterland locations between Ocean Shores and Ballina and between Byron Bay and Lismore. If you’re unsure, please email us at to check!

Price guides are shown for all items below.

One substitution available per order. If you have other requests, we’ll be happy to source them for you as extra items.

Want something not shown below? Easy! You can add a request for items not listed below when you finalise your order.

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Weekend Getaway $40


Week-Long $55


Week-Long Family $85

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Specials and Seasonal Items

Fresh herb bunch (specify variety at checkout)$3.00
Garlic (whole bulb or large cloves subject to availability)$5.00
Salad bundle (mixed salad leaves, micro sprouts, radishes and cucumber)$17.00
Seasonal exotic fruit (Picone Exotics)$15.00
Seasonal fruit (bananas price per kg)$4.00
Seasonal fruit (green apples)$7.50
Seasonal fruit (passionfruit)$6.00
Seasonal fruit (red apples)$7.50
Seasonal fruit (whole watermelon price per kg)$2.50
Seasonal tomatoes (Jo's roma tomatoes)$8.00


Buddha blend microgreens (50g)$5.00
Chickpea tempeh (300g)$10.00
Dry-land brown rice (500g)$5.00
Dry-land brown rice cakes (180g)$6.00
Falafel mix (350g)$9.00
Free range eggs (dozen extra large)$9.00
Fresh gnocchi$16.00
Fresh gnocchi (gluten free)$16.00
Fresh spaghetti$10.00
Fresh spaghetti (gluten free)$10.00
Frozen ravioli (cheese filling)$16.00
Gourmet mushrooms (deluxe mix)$20.00
Gourmet mushrooms (oyster large box)$15.00
Gourmet mushrooms (oyster small box)$10.00
Jar of kraut or seasonal fermented vegetables$13.00
Lirah Aged Balsamic Vinegar$11.00
Lirah Caramalised Apple Vinegar$13.00
Napoli sauce$7.00
Pecan Butter$15.00
Ready to heat vegetarian lasagna$26.00
Sunflower sprouts (100g)$5.00
Zest blend microgreens (50g)$5.00


Corn Tortillas$8.00
Gluten free bread$9.00
Rye sourdough bread$8.00
Sourdough bread$8.00
Sourdough fruit toast$9.00
Two chunky beef pies$12.00
Two plain croissants$9.00
Two sausage rolls$10.00

Jams and Sauces

Bush Fire Capsicum Chilli Jam$7.00
Green Curry Paste$9.50
Harissa Chilli Relish$7.00
Quandong Mango Chutney$7.00
Raspberry Jam with Wild Lime and Lemon Myrtle$7.00
Sea Celery Mustard Pickles$7.00
Smokey BBQ Sauce$7.00
Sour Cherry Jam with Pepperberries and Brandy$7.00

Snacks and Treats

Cocktail Mix Olives$10.00
Curry Myrtle Macadamias (80g)$10.00
Dark Chocolate Pecans$13.00
Dried Kalamata Olives with Moroccan Spices$10.00
Maple Roast Pecans$13.00
Natural Roast Pecans$10.00
Roasted Salted Macadamias (80g)$10.00
Salt & Seed Crackers$12.00
Sweet Pickled Garlic$10.00
Two individual pecan pies (gluten free or standard available)$14.00

Tea and Coffee

Byron blend coffee (espresso grind 200g)$14.00
Byron blend coffee (whole beans 200g)$14.00
Earl Grey loose leaf tea (175g)$16.00
English breakfast loose leaf tea (175g)$16.00
Ernesto roast coffee beans (espresso grind 200g)$14.00
Ernesto roast coffee beans (whole beans 200g)$14.00
Masala chai tea (130g)$18.00
Organic peppermint loose leaf tea (70g)$14.00
Superb dark drinking chocolate (250g)$10.00


Bag of fresh ricotta (approx 500g)$7.50
Full cream milk (1L)$2.75
Halloumi (300g)$9.00
Tub of marinated feta (200g)$6.00
Tub of natural yoghurt (500ml)$9.00
Unsalted cultured butter (approx 180g)$6.00
Wedge of blue cheese (approx 150g)$10.00
Wedge of hard cheese (approx 150g)$10.00
Wheel of soft cheese$6.00


Chicken breast (price guide for approx 500g)$18.00
Chicken mince (price guide for approx 500g)$19.00
Chicken sliders (price guide for approx 500g)$20.00
Chicken thighs (price guide for approx 500g)$17.00
Chicken thighs marinated and brined (price guide for approx 500g)$25.00
Whole chicken (price guide for approx 2kg)$38.00


Northern Rivers Seafood seasonal fish fillet (frozen, price guide for approx 500g)$24.00
Portion of smoked fish (price guide for approx 150g)$13.00
Smoked fish rillettes (200g)$16.00


Bacon (price guide for approx 500g)$13.00
Pork belly (price guide for approx 2kg)$42.00
Pork cutlets (price guide for approx 500g)$18.00
Pork roasting joint (price guide for approx 2kg)$40.00
Pork sausages (price guide for approx 500g)$14.00
Salami (price guide for approx 200g)$14.00


Lamb chops (price guide for approx 800g)$32.00
Lamb leg roast (price guide for approx 2kg)$40.00
Lamb mince (price guide for approx 500g)$15.00
Lamb rissoles (price guide for approx 750g)$18.00


Beef mince (price guide for approx 500g)$11.00
Beef sausages (price guide for approx 500g)$10.00
Diced beef (price guide for approx 500g)$11.00
Frankfurts (price guide for approx 500g)$12.00
Ready to heat beef lasagna$26.00
Sirloin steak (price guide for approx 500g)$25.00
Stir-fry beef (price guide for approx 500g)$11.00

Beer and Cider

Legit Wit wheat beer$18.00 $16.00
Pacific Pils$21.00 $19.00


2016 Shiraz$32.00
2016 Tempranillo$42.00
2018 Prosecco$26.00
2018 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc$26.00
2018 Vermentino$32.00
Danying (Ruby Cabernet, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot blend)$32.00
Reserve Tempranillo$95.00 $55.00


Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin$75.00
Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin & Tonic with Native Finger Lime$30.00
Brookie’s Mac$65.00
Brookie’s Native Plum Gin Spritz with Mint & Strawberry$30.00
Husk Botanic$74.00
Husk Ink Gin$82.00
Husk Pure Cane$69.00
Husk Sloe Gin$72.00
Husk Spiced Bam Bam$79.00
Nearly done! You can add any final requests for things not shown here at the checkout.
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