News from the paddocks and production rooms

News from the paddocks and production rooms

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New plantings, new openings and new seasons. There’s plenty of new this month!

I love chatting with the various producers and growers we work with. There’s always something going on in someone’s farm, shed, packing room or kitchen. I’ve decided I need to be more diligent about writing things down and sharing the news, and this month there were a few things that had me excited to share…

The bush food extraordinaire Claire, over at Wattle Tree Creek has been on a mission of late. She and partner Mark have been planting loads of new varieties of bush foods, which means there’s likely to be new jams and chutneys on the horizon and lots more interesting things to learn about on our Food and Farm Tours. They’ve planted native guava, burdikin plum, native currant, native elderberry, midyim berries, Australian blood limes, red finger limes and red midyim berries. And apparently the native mint patch is going gangbusters! All sounds amazing and I’ll be fascinated to see what she comes up with once things start fruiting.

Frank at Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice has the new season rice harvested and drying out as I type. That means fresh rice should only be a few weeks away from hitting the market, and that is really exciting.

And we’re also pleased to see that venison is very much back in season again. Jonas from Fair Game Wild Venison always reminds me that wild harvested deer are just that, wild. It means that seasonal fluctuations in water and feed can sometimes mean supply is limited. But things are going well for him now, and that means we can all get our hands on a fantastic meat.

Meanwhile, Liam at Byron Gourmet Pasta had two pieces of news for me recently, both great steps for him – and awesome for those of us who love pasta! On the bigger and better front, Liam is moving his production facility to a new location in the Byron Arts & Industry Estate. Hopefully that means more space and capacity to play around with some more seasonal specials and funky types of pasta. But the even bigger and better news is that he’s opening a pasta bar in Byron Bay. Locals may have noticed some work happening in the shopfront attached to the Spar on Jonson Street. Within the next few weeks everything will be ready for the carb-heaven to open its doors. Expect a range of his beautiful pastas and start licking your lips now!