Let’s share some dinner inspiration!

Let's get funky with dinner

Let’s share some dinner inspiration!

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Socially distancing doesn’t mean we can’t engage and explore the world of food. It just means we need to do it a little differently!

We always tell people to play with your food. Have fun with it and don’t take cooking too seriously. We’re not on MasterChef here! Food is more than just function. It is also about creativity and curiosity, so we want to help everyone ordering our Produce Pods to get a little funky with cooking.

We’re going to be sharing a little dins-piration!

And no I didn’t make that phrase up, but I do think it’s kinda fun!

The base of all our Produce Pods is fruit and vegetables. And with anywhere from 15-20 different varieties going into each Pod, there’s a world of combinations and flavours to try. There’s also a world of local farmers, growers and producers whose food you may not of tried.  To help you think outside the square, and maybe jump outside the comfort zone (aren’t we all there already!), each week we’re doing to have an option to add in something small, a teaser, that might help you try something new.

We started this week with a green curry special, featuring a spectacular curry sauce from Blue Kitchen Gourmet and a taste of Nimbin Valley Rice’s current crop of dryland rice.

Next week we’re going a little sweet and a little savoury, offering a twin-pack of the incredible bushfood inspired creations from Wattle Tree Creek.

We’ve got plenty more lined up as well, so check that box and get a little funky with us each week!

Let’s explore real food together.




Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash