Let’s go retro

Let’s go retro

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Want to cook up some nostaglia and win a collection of local sauces, pickles and condiments from Wattle Tree Creek and Blue Kitchen Gourmet?

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food section recently published a collection of recipes under the banner of 70 retro family favourites to revisit. It is a fun collection of recipes that make for a meander through my childhood memories. Think rissoles, apricot chicken and corned beef. Remember chow mein, golden syrup pudding and pumpkin scones. Even an old fashioned burger with the lot – including tinned pineapple (which you really should upgrade to fresh!). If only there was a recipe for curried sausages!

The authors rightly point out that 2020 has been a year so full of uncertainty and anxiety, that a little bit of old-fashioned comfort food might just be something we all need as the year heads toward a close.

So to embrace the spirit of cooking our way through a crisis, we’ve got a friendly competition running on our Seasonal & Local Facebook Group.

Seasonal & Local is all about cooking and eating with the seasons here in the Northern Rivers. Its a place to share a recipe, ask for ideas, post a pic and above all else encourage everyone to play with their food! Somewhere to ask questions, share knowledge and help us all make the most of locally grown and produced food.

The competition, the challenge if you will, is to pick a recipe from the list and have a crack at it (in a totally un-ironic fashion!). Use loads of local produce and have fun with it. You have to take some pics and share a post in the Seasonal & Local Group about it. At the end of the month, we’ll have a prize pack for whoever posts the dish that gets the most likes!

Thirty days in the month to crack the retro jackpot!

Let’s get cooking!



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