Let’s get seas-on-nal, seas-on-nal

Let's get into seasonal

Let’s get seas-on-nal, seas-on-nal

1849 1068 Table Under a Tree

Don your leotard, pouff up your hair and let’s get seas-on-nal, seas-on-nal…

Have you got the tune of Olivia Newton-John’s Physical running through your mind? Livvie’s got nothing on me!

Alright, now that I’ve had my fun, let me just tell you that we’re excited to let you know that Table has launch a Facebook Group dedicated to everyone who loves to cook with, and eat seasonal local food.

Got a glut of rosellas harvested from your garden? Found a bargain on local zucchini at the markets? Wondering what to do with it all? The group, Seasonal & Local Northern Rivers, is all about cooking and eating with the seasons here in the Northern Rivers.

Group members can share a recipe, ask for ideas, post a pic and above all else encourage everyone to play with their food! Posts can ask questions, share knowledge and do anything that helps us all make the most of locally grown and produced food.

The idea is to encourage people to learn about and understand seasonality and to embrace and enjoy ingredients at their prime. It’ll be dynamic and hopefully a place where we can all get some inspiration. You don’t have to be a Table customer to be part – you just need to be keen to eat with the seasons and to have fun doing so.

And I promise, you don’t need to wear a leotard to be part of it!

The group can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/seasonallocalnorthernrivers/