How to support a small business for free

How to support a small business for free

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October is Small Business Month in NSW, and that’s a great prompt to give a shout out to the people behind the little enterprises you know and love.

Let me be clear: this is no pity party! I don’t think you should support small business just for the sake of it, and even just because of the insanity of 2020. All of us have endured unimaginable challenges of late, and we’re all just trying to get along in life, one step at a time. For some of us, running a business is the path that we’re on.

There’s actually over 780,000 small businesses in the state, employing 1.6m people. Lots of them are what’s called micro-businesses, who have less than 4 employees, including those who technically have none because the owner of the business doesn’t pay him or herself. Mmm…

No, the reason I think we should all support small business where we can is because of the ripple effect you can have when you do. Amplification is the name of the game. The owner of that business, and their staff, most likely live in your community, or nearby; they probably support other small businesses in your town too; their kids might go to school down the road. Support them and you’re supporting so many more people by extension. It is the embodiment of community. The stronger their business, the more they can help that local charity; the more staff members they can employ; and ultimately, the better products and services they can offer which means the whole ripple starts over again.

But how can you do that when times are tough for everyone? How can you support a small business for free?

Well, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the power of online tools! Some of the themes of Small Business Month are about businesses building brand awareness on social media and  growing their business online. So you can help small businesses just by talking about them! 

Like a post they publish, comment on it. Even better, share the post. It all helps with how visible their profile and posts are via the dark arts of Facebook, Instagram and other social media algorithms. No, I don’t really understand how, I just know it does!

Tag a friend and let them know about the business. Tell them why you like the business and the people who run it.

Or you could give a recommendation on their website, on Facebook or (gasp) in person to your friends or family!

On a more human level, send them some feedback, which could be as simple as a thumbs up emoji. I know when I hear from customers who are happy, it feels great and boosts my morale every time.

Thirty-one days in October… Thirty-one shout outs to a small business near you?



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