FAQs/How it works

How do I purchase a gourmet meal pod?

Simple! Choose the dish you want from our menu, tell us how many people you’re cooking for, make any selections you need to for that dish (some pods have a selection of proteins or accompaniments) and then follow the prompts to enter your delivery details and to provide payment.

What comes in the gourmet meal pod?

Everything you need to cook the dish you’ve chosen right down to the right amount of salt and pepper. Portioned appropriately and ready for you to slice and dice, sear and sizzle. We give you a recipe card and all the ingredients. You bring the pod to life and enjoy the rewards.

Can I get you to substitute ingredients?

It isn’t possible for us to accommodate requests to substitute, but you can do this with your own supplies if you wish. All our recipes are designed with a degree of flexibility so please adjust if you prefer.

The one exception to this is our choice of oil. As all our meal pods use macadamia oil as the preferred cooking oil, and we appreciate that some people have nut allergies, we will provide an alternative oil if requested. Please contact us on info@tableunderatree.com.au once you have placed your order if you would like to request this.

Do you cater for allergies or other dietary requirements?

We provide information about common allergens and dietary information for each meal pod so that you can make your selections accordingly. As all our meal pods use macadamia oil as the preferred cooking oil, we will provide an alternative oil if a request is made.

Do you have kids’ meals?

All our meal pods can be scaled to serve two, four, six or even more. There are a number of very family friendly selections, so kids can enjoy our premium local produce and products with adults. We can provide advice on which dishes are most suitable, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Are your ingredients organic?

We support producers with genuine ethical and sustainable practices. Often that means they are organic, although not always certified. Many operate on permaculture principles while others have other ways to offset their environmental footprint and ensure the highest quality of their products. We know each of our suppliers by name. We selected them very carefully and we only work with people who are committed to caring for their stock, land and the sustainability of the local environment and community.

Is everything you use local?

As much as possible, our ingredients are sourced within an easy drive of Table HQ. That means they’re either made, grown or processed locally. There are some things that just aren’t available in the region at all– like salt – or at the quality level we require, so in these instances we prioritise products from Australia and from regions close to the Northern Rivers. Where fresh produce is not available locally, we generally source stock through a local organic buyer who does weekly runs to EcoFarms in Brisbane.

What are your opening hours?

We don’t have a shopfront, so in a way, we’re always open! You can order a gourmet meal pod or book a foodie tour anytime. If you need to contact us to ask a question or get some more information, please email info@tableunderatree.com.au.

What happens if an ingredient is not in season? Or the quality isn’t up to scratch?

We won’t supply you with ingredients that are not of a suitable quality. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we won’t give it to you. So if something isn’t in season, or the quality isn’t suitable, we will make substitutions and note this on the recipe card that comes in your pod. We’ll never do that with an ingredient we know to be critical to the flavour of the dish though.

Please keep in mind that we judge quality on the taste of the ingredient, not necessarily the look of it. If that eggplant is a bit gnarly, the zucchini a tad crooked, it doesn’t mean that taste won’t still be top quality.

Do you pre-wash, cut or prepare the vegetables, fruit or herbs used in the pods?

We do portion some vegetables (for example, pumpkin) but we leave the rest of the preparation to you. It’s part of the zen of cooking.

We do recommend you wash all vegetable, fruit and herbs before you use them. This is important as we prepare and pack the meal pods in a premises that utilises rainwater.


Help! I’m having trouble cooking my pod… How do I…

Relax! This is a holiday, not a test and you’re meant to be having fun, not stressing about dinner. Our meal pods use simple tools and techniques and our recipe cards will give you easy to understand instructions for each dish, as well as some suggestions on alternatives where it might be helpful. If it doesn’t look like the picture, who cares! It will taste phenomenal and you will have had a chance to cook with fantastic premium produce.

Can I order a different dish to what you have on the menu?

We’re game if you are!

If you have a specific request, please contact us by email at info@tableunderatree.com.au to see what we can arrange.

How are the gourmet meal pods packed?

Each order will be delivered in its own pod – a cooler bag made specially for us and designed to keep ingredients in optimum condition. Meats will be vacuum sealed, fruits and vegetables will be packed separately and other ingredients like dairy, pastes and olives will be portioned and packaged to ensure they are protected. We try to strike a balance between using enough of the right type of packaging to get ingredients to you freshly and safely, but also ensuring we don’t overdo it and create a mountain of waste.

We use Techni Ice dry ice sheets to keep things cold, and we’ve made sure they work. We know Techni Ice is designed for the one-way transport of food and perishables (medical supplies) and we know it is used by everyone from the Department of Defence to Qantas to Coles but we also tested it ourselves. Let’s just say there was a sacrificial tub of ice cream that suffered an ignominious fate as we trialled many different products that promised the world, but didn’t necessarily live up that promise. Techni Ice does.

All our ingredients are packed, portioned and stored in accordance with our Food Safety Plan which sets out our commitment to providing our pods to you in the safest and most practical manner possible so you can best enjoy the produce and products of the region

How do our portion sizes work?

Our meals are generous without being excessive. You can select whether you want to cater for 2, 4 or more and we will provide the right number of ingredients.

What equipment do I need to cook a pod?

Our meals are designed to be cooked with standard kitchen provisions. Generally speaking we don’t create meals that require an oven, preferring to give you the flexibility to use stovetop, barbeque, kettle, toasters and a microwave if needs be. We provide information on the website for each dish recommending what equipment you will need. Ideally, your accommodation hosts will provide you with a decent knife! Ask when you make your booking.

What else will I need to cook one of the gourmet meal pods?

A glass of wine? Seriously though, you won’t need anything else. We will supply you with everything you need to cook the dish you’ve chosen right down to the salt and pepper. Portioned appropriately and ready for you to slice and dice, sear and sizzle. We give you a recipe card and all the ingredients. You bring the pod to life and enjoy the rewards

Can I order something at short notice?

We have a minimum notice to put together your meal pods. The range of ingredients we use come from a diverse group of producers across the region so it takes considerable time – and distance – to get everything we need. This means your order needs to be placed no later than 12pm the day prior to delivery.

Can you cook the meal pod for me?

Sorry, but we are not able to cook the dishes for you. We do have meal pods that require no or minimal cooking, so we’d be happy to guide you to those or recommend local restaurants for you to try.

Can I buy a bottle of wine from you?

Yes you can. Our liquor license (LIQP770017224 Licensee Table Under a Tree) allows us to offer you not only wine, but a selection of locally made beverages. Like all our other producers, we’ve chosen our alcohol producers carefully, selecting people who not only make fantastic products, but also have a great story to tell. You can read about Symphony Hill Wines, Husk Distillery, Byron Bay Brewery and Byron Wild Cider to help you make a selection.

We take our commitment to sell alcohol responsibly very seriously. When you place an order for alcohol, we will record your name and date of birth as it is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol for, anyone under 18. When we make your delivery you will need to be present to receive the delivery so we can verify your age, or alternatively you can nominate another adult to receive it on your behalf.


What if I need to cancel a meal pod order?

We work with many small scale producers so it is challenging for us – and them – to accommodate cancellations. Unfortunately that means that unless a change of delivery date can be accommodated, requests for cancellation of meal pod delivery outside of 7 days notice will result in a 25% cancellation fee. Requests for cancellation within 7 days notice will result in a 50% cancellation fee. No refund can be made for meal pods cancelled within 48 hours of delivery.

Where do you deliver?

Our main delivery zone is the Byron coast hinterland. As a guide, we will deliver to accommodation in the areas east of Lismore, north of Ballina and south of Pottsville. If you’re not sure whether your accommodation is within this region, please check with us by emailing info@tableunderatree.com.au. In some circumstances we can make arrangement to deliver to areas outside this, so please contact us so we can sort something out. We’d hate you to miss out on some amazing cooking!

When will my gourmet meal pod be delivered?

We can deliver to you seven days a week, with a minimum of 24-hours notice.

Our window for deliveries is between 3pm and 6pm and we schedule each day’s run based on where we need to go. That means we can’t tell you an exact time when we will be at your accommodation, but we carefully pack each pod so that we can leave it for you if you’re not there to take delivery personally. The exception to this is if you have included alcohol in your order, in which case you will need to be present for delivery (or nominate another adult to take the delivery for you). This is a requirement of our liquor license so we have no flexibility in this regard. For deliveries with alcohol we will contact you closer to the day to let you know approximately when we will be arriving.

If you’ve ordered ice cream – and really, why wouldn’t you, because Mark’s ice cream is amazing! – we would recommend that you try and be there to take delivery so you can get the ice cream into the freezer as soon as possible.

While our pods are designed for you to cook and enjoy that day, they will easily last for longer if stored properly. That means you can stock up or order in advance for other meals during your visit. And if you’d like to discuss another arrangement with us, please email info@tableunderatree.com.au to see if we can assist you.

Can I pick up an order?

Not really, but if it helps, we can arrange to deliver your pod to you at another location. We are open to options to make it easy for you to enjoy the food we offer, so if delivery to your accommodation really won’t work, please email info@tableunderatree.com.au to see what we can arrange.

What are your delivery fees?

For orders over $100, delivery is included. For orders under this, a fee of $20 will be added.

Are the food tours weather dependent?

We’re adaptable and we hope you are too! We plan the tours with weather forecasts in mind, so unless the day has turned out to be completely atrocious, making it impossible to provide you with a great day out, we will proceed with your tour and adapt it accordingly. If we absolutely have to cancel the tour, we will contact you to reschedule the tour or to provide a refund.

What’s included in the food tours?

We will pick you up from, and return you to your accommodation (or from a central location if required). We will take you to visit three or four locations, which might be farms, outlets or other destinations related to our producers and suppliers or places that are Hinterland-musts. We will always include a coffee stop along the way so we can recharge your energy with morning tea. And of course, we will provide you with lunch at a one of our favourite local restaurants or cafes. The important thing to know is that the tours are always personalised, so we make sure to arrange something you will absolutely love.

Why isn’t there a detailed itinerary for the food tours?

Because no two tours are the same! The beauty of offering personal tours for two to four people is that we can adapt and adjust based on your interests, on the season and on what is happening in the region at the time. We’re also very conscious that sometimes our farmers and producers are flat out – whether harvesting, processing or something else equally farm-like – so it isn’t possible for them have us come and visit. That’s why we plan each tour individually.

I want to go and see a particular farmer. Can you please arrange that?

If you have a particular interest in something, please let us know and we can try and include that in your tour.

Can you include other activities in the tours? Things that aren’t food related?

Of course. If you have something in mind, please let us know and we can try and include that in your tour if time allows.

What kind of vehicle do you use to run the tours?

We use a comfortable and spacious SUV for the tours.

Can I buy things on the tour?

At some of our stops, there may have products or produce available to buy. You’re under no obligation to purchase anything though, and we do not seek or take any commission on sales. We will always ensure there is an esky in the vehicle, stocked with Techni Ice dry ice sheets to keep any purchases cold if required.

What should I bring or wear?

Bring your curiosity and wear some sensible shoes!

Beyond that, we would only recommend you have cash handy if you want to make any purchases, as at some places including roadside stands, this will be your only payment option.

We also recommend you bring layers to keep dry or warm. Particularly in summer, the weather can vary considerably from the coast to the hinterland and it rains often (we will have umbrellas in the vehicle). And please do wear or bring covered shoes to ensure your safety at any farm stops we make.

Are the tours family friendly? Pet friendly?

We can plan our visits to ensure they are suitable for children, so please advise us if you have children included in your booking. Sorry, but we are unable to accommodate pets.

What if I need to cancel a food tour booking?

We’d be awfully sorry for that to happen, so where possible we’ll encourage you to think about changing the date rather than cancelling.

If something happens that means you have to cancel your booking, we would ask you to give us as much notice as possible. Requests for cancellation or change of date of food tours outside of 7 days of the tour will incur a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellation within 7 days of departure will result in a 50% cancellation fee. No refund is provided for tour cancellation within 48 hours of departure.

Can I arrange a meal pod or food tour as a gift? What about vouchers?


If you would like to arrange a meal pod or food tour as a gift, you can either place the order and simply note the recipients name and accommodation address as the shipping address, and make a note in the order notes so we know this is a gift. We do recommend you let the recipient know they’ll be receiving the delivery so they don’t make other plans though!

Alternatively, if you would like to arrange a gift voucher, please email us with your details at info@tableunderatree.com.au. We’ll contact you to make arrangements for payment and then send you a personalised certificate for the gift recipient. Gift certificates are available for meal pods or tours and are valid for six months.

How do I pay for my order?

All orders are processed through our  secure website.At the online checkout you can choose the payment method that best suits you, including credit card (we accept all major credit cards) or direct deposit.

If you wish to pay by direct deposit, you will need to place your order and then use the order number as the payment reference. Your order will not be delivered until the funds have cleared in our account. If you are ordering for delivery within 48-hours please email us a copy of the remittance to info@tableunderatree.com.au.