Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas is just around the corner

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Now don’t go crook at me, but we need to talk about Christmas!

This isn’t a case of hot cross buns appearing in stores on Boxing Day (but let’s run a sweep on who spots them first), but more a case of let’s make sure we all enjoy a festive and happy end to a year that plenty of people will be glad to put behind them!

It’s time to start thinking about how and what we want to eat for Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’re like me, you probably start contemplating the menu around now. That’s usually because I get to October and realise it is time to make the pudding. I’ve been tweaking my recipe for many years now and it always needs plenty of time for that rum, whisky or brandy to really soak in and do its thing! It probably isn’t a great surprise that we have some tried and true family preferences for Christmas, not only with regard to the pudding. Toast and champagne always starts the day, and there is always a local ham at some point (that I order in about March just to make sure we don’t miss out!). But the lunch/dinner is always up for debate, especially when we’re going to be at home and I’ll be the one in the kitchen. I usually want seafood or turkey. I usually end up cooking pork because I get outvoted! Let’s see how that transpires in 2020!

So yes, I’ve started looking ahead, not only to what we’ll eat at home this year, but also to what our lovely customers might want to be eating as well.

That means there’s a few things to start thinking about…

Christmas day falls on Friday. That means as a one-off, we’ll be delivering on Thursday 24 December. Orders will close on the Monday of that week. We will be offering our usual range of Produce Pods and Meal Pods, as well as taking orders for special items you might want on hand for the season.

Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for all things local and artisan. So whatever your holiday menu might entail, please talk to us about sourcing it for you.

Have a special type of cut of meat in mind? Need 55,000 croissants to feed the masses for breakfast? Have family visiting with special dietary requirements? Need a nice bottle of something as a gift for the Secret Santa at work?

We’re your go-to!

Orders for special items (particularly special cuts of meat) will need to be placed as early as possible, so please have a chat with me if you’ve got something in mind. I’m looking forward to sharing some ideas and inspiration with you over coming months so we can all explore some fresh, seasonal, local – and festive! – produce together.



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