Christmas 2020 Orders
Delivering all your festive food on Thursday, 24 December

Order your supply of fresh, local festive food!

Let us help you enjoy amazing local produce with family and friends over the festive season! We have access to everything you need to celebrate in style. From prawns to custard and everything in between, we’ve got you covered, sourcing from some fantastic local producers as usual! 


We will source seafood from Northern Rivers Seafood in Ballina for Christmas (market price). You can order:

  • Cooked prawns (by the kilo, likely to have tiger, king and school prawns available)
  • Oysters (by the half/full dozen, Pacific and Rock available)
  • Cooked bugs (by the kilo, Moreton or Balmain depending on catch)
  • Fish fillets such as salmon, ocean trout and snapper (by the kilo)
  • Other fish, octopus/calamari, scallops, mussels and crustaceans subject to availability


We will source chicken from Brooklet Springs Farm and pastured duck from Woodland Ducks. You can order:

  • Chicken ballotine (whole chicken deboned and rolled with a roast apple and macadamia stuffing, 1.5-2kg, $70-$100)
  • Brined butterflied whole chicken (brined with juniper and citrus, 1.5-2kg, $30 per kg)
  • All the standard chicken cuts (whole, Maryland, thighs etc)
  • Whole pasture raised duck (1.8-2kg, $22 per kg)

Pork, lamb, venison and beef

We will source meats from Esperanza Farm, Local Dorper Lamb, Fair Game Wild Venison and Hayters Hill. In addition, we will also source ham from Brooklet Springs Farm. Please talk to us about specific cuts (prices will vary by weight and by cut), but you might consider:

  • Pork – belly, shoulder, leg, loin, rack, salamis
  • Lamb – leg, rack, marinated butterflied leg, rolled shoulder, whole shoulder
  • Beef – rib roast, topside, round, tenderloin
  • Venison – whole bone in leg or shoulder, backstrap, tenderloin
  • Traditional bone-in smoked hams from Brooklet Springs Farm (4-7kg, $35 per kg)

Snacks, desserts and other options

We have a range of other items that come in handy for the festive season including:

  • Various nuts, crackers and totopos (corn chips)
  • A full range of cheeses from Cheeses Loves You (talk to us about varieties)
  • Baraka Gourmet’s range of dips
  • The Bay Smokehouse‘s smoked fish and fish rillettes
  • Teven Valley Farm‘s Duck Egg Custard and their range of artisan ice creams (Burnt Honey, Pumpkin Spice, Roasted Hemp, Stout and Espresso Martini)


We have a full range of beverages available for order, including:

  • Wandana Brewing Co beers (full range)
  • Byron Bay Brewery (Hazy One and Lager)
  • Byron Wild Cider
  • Symphony Hill wines (Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino, Viognier, Shiraz and Tempranillo)
  • Husk Ink Gin, Sloe Gin and Pure Cane

Fruits and vegetables

We will be packing regular Produce Pods for delivery on Christmas Eve. We will also make substitutions available for the delivery (for this week only) so if you have particular requirements for fruit and vegetables to be included in your Pod, please let us know so we can include them for you if available locally.

How to order

For Christmas orders you can:

  • Order online as usual, ticking the box under Specials and Seasonal Items and listing any specific items at checkout (make sure to select 24 December as the delivery date)
  • Order by emailing directly at
  • Call through your order to 0451 626 906 during business hours

Orders for seafood and non-standard cuts of meat will close on Monday 14 December.

To order other items listed above, please still order as early as possible to ensure we can source the items for you.

All Christmas orders will be delivered on Thursday, 24 December.

If you’d like to talk through your Christmas menu and how we can help you, please contact us by phone so we can help you plan a seasonal, local and just amazing feast!

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