meet our farmers

We champion smaller, artisan producers who are dedicated to growing, raising and making premium products in the Northern Rivers.

Each one has been carefully selected for the quality of their work, their role in the local community and their approach to nurturing land, livestock and the people around them. Our suppliers and producers are real people, working hard doing what they love, whether that is raising cattle, growing macadamias or producing an artisan bush food preserve. We want you to get to know them and to learn about what it takes to truly bring something from farm to table.

byron bay brewery gourmet traveller 002

Byron Bay Brewery

blue kitchen northern rivers food producers

Blue Kitchen

Hayters Hill Farm grass fed beef byron bay 002

Hayters Hill Beef

fallen leaf tea byron bay 001

Fallen Leaf Tea

Pita Lina Bakery byron food tours 002

Pita Line Bakery

lirah vinegar northern rivers food experiences 007

Lirah Vinegar

husk distillers byron bay food experience

Husk Distillers

byron aromas coffee plantation northern rivers food tours 005

Byron Aromas Coffee

teven valley ice cream 3

Teven Valley Ice Cream

baraka gourmet foods byron bay 001

Baraka Gourmet Foods

la finca booyong byron bay 002

La Finca

byron bay wild cider food producer northern rivers

Byron Bay Wild Cider

boorabee dorper lamb

Boorabee Dorper

heart breads northern rivers food 002

Heart Breads

Symphony Hill Wine 001.

Symphony Hill Wines

dona_cholita_byron_bay_food_gourmet_traveller003 copy

Dona Cholita Tortilleria

Brooklet Springs Farm

byron bay tempeh gourmet food experience byron bay

Byron Bay Tempeh

cheeses loves you artisan chesse maker byron bay foodie

Cheeses Loves You

barefoot farm eltham pantry byron bay gourmet food experience 006

Barefoot Farms

life force farm northern rivers food producers

Lifeforce Farm


Picone Exotic Fruits

byron bay olive company 003

Byron Bay Olive Company

tullamoor macadamia nuts byron bay foodie0018

Tullamoor Macadamias


Wattle Tree Creek

nimbin valley rice byron bay farmers and food producers 001

Nimbin Valley Rice

byron bay crackers food dining meal cuisine 003

Byron Bay Crackers


The Australian Native Bee Company

the bay smokehouse 001 byron bay

The Bay Smokehouse

byron gourmet pasta northern rivers food experience 002

Byron Gourmet Pasta

byron bay pork organic food 002

Esperanza Farm