Burgers, BBQ and more

Burgers, BBQ and more

Burgers, BBQ and more 1504 933 Table Under a Tree

Exploring cafes and restaurants is one of life’s great adventures (and privileges). It’s something I love to do when travelling and when at home, and I like to share where I’ve been and where I’m going to help you contemplate great options when visiting Byron Bay and the Hinterland.

We recently revisited Stockpot Kitchen in Lismore. An oldie but a goodie. Actually a classic and well worth an outing to Lismore. Go for lunch or dinner and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

Betty’s Burger’s recently opened in Byron, having undergone huge expansion across the country from its Noosa origins. We went earlier in January and it was a bit hit and miss to be honest and I think there’s better burgers in town (and there’s a list for another day!).

Espressohead in Byron might be tucked away, but you should track it down for a great coffee, just as we did multiple times over the last month.

And one that’s been on my hit list to try for a while is Fel’s Kitchen in Byron. Run by a nutritionist, the fresh salads and menu that veers lighter, vego and vegan sounds like just what most of us crave in this warmer weather. This might have to be the month I get there! And I’ll also be looking to get back to Barrio, who had been temporarily closed after a kitchen fire but are back in full swing now.

Wherever you go when you’re next visiting the region, make sure you’re enjoying real food, from real people at real places.



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