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What’s on in January

What’s on in January 1350 900 Table Under a Tree

A perfect January is one filled with warm days, cool drinks and plenty of relaxing. If you’re visiting the Byron Bay region this January, you probably don’t need more than a beach towel and a good book to enjoy the month. But if you’re minded for some activity, here’s a…

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Try somewhere different this month

Try somewhere different this month 2560 2560 Table Under a Tree

We can all be a guilty of falling into habits. For me that usual means the same cafes, the same beaches, the same markets. So in an effort to spread my wings, I’ve been making a conscious effort over the last month to try some new or different places, particularly…

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Change your tuna

Change your tuna 2560 1707 Table Under a Tree

I recently posted some content on Facebook about the deliciousness of tinned tuna. I ‘fessed up as a fan of this humble ingredient for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I even shared a very quirky story about the smoky joys of burning a tin of tuna (don’t laugh – this is…

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Last minute gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas 1000 620 Table Under a Tree

Are you looking for some last minute gifts for the foodie in your life? It’s hard to go past a cookbook for anyone who loves to dabble in the kitchen (and even for those who don’t love it yet!). And a cookbook is a great way to take home memories…

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Can one person eat too much ham?

Can one person eat too much ham? 2560 2560 Table Under a Tree

Christmas feasting is almost upon us, and that makes me very excited. While there are so many preferences, traditions and faiths to navigate, one of the most popular festive items for many people is a Christmas ham. We’ve sampled many over the years, and I used to have detailed research…

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A quirky December 2019

A quirky December 2019 1939 825 Table Under a Tree

It should go without saying that you can find plenty of quirky options for things to do in the Northern Rivers this December! There’s something about this place that creates the right environment for everything from sacred cacao ceremonies (and no, I’m not really sure what that involves) to pop-up…

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Christmas and New Years Eve in the region

Christmas and New Years Eve in the region 2560 1811 Table Under a Tree

Want to celebrate the festive season like a local? Whether you hold a faith or not, this is a great season for community. Here’s some great opportunities to embrace the season, in a variety of ways, across the region. 1 December – Lennox Head Community Carols 8 December – Ballina…

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Food adventures for December

Food adventures for December 1913 1459 Table Under a Tree

Byron Bay and the Hinterland are home to a treasure trove of dining options. There’s something to suit every palette, price point and preference. Here’s some places I’ll be trying – or returning to – this month. First up, an oldie but a goodie. St Elmo down in Byron Bay.…

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Markets this month

Markets this month 1414 1195 Table Under a Tree

December is the season for giving, and I can’t think of a better place to get what you need than a local market! Byron Bay and the Hinterland are renowned for markets – not only of the farmer’s variety, but also the artisan, the bric-a-brack and more. The adage that…

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To market to market…

To market to market… 2560 1779 Table Under a Tree

What to look out for at the farmer’s markets in December While the drought is impacting on the produce that you’re likely to find at any farmer’s market in the Byron area, the good news is that there is still plenty of fantastic options available in December if you just…

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