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Harvest Festival 2020

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We do food well around here (not that I’m biased!) and one of the best ways to experience that Northern Rivers Food 2020 Harvest Festival. And it is only three months away, so time to start planning. The Festival showcases the region’s amazing growers, producers, chefs and restaurants with events…

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Pop into a pop-up

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One of the fascinating things about this region is a that we love a good pop-up. Think events, food, fashion and more. If someone wants to give something a go, chances are they’ll find a willing audience to test their products on. And while bricks and mortar may be the ambition…

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Burgers, BBQ and more

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Exploring cafes and restaurants is one of life’s great adventures (and privileges). It’s something I love to do when travelling and when at home, and I like to share where I’ve been and where I’m going to help you contemplate great options when visiting Byron Bay and the Hinterland. We…

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What to buy at the markets in February

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What to look out for at the farmer’s markets in February Mangoes, mangoes and mangoes. Buy lots of mangoes here in the Northern Rivers and marvel in what has been a cracking good season it has been for them. Our tree is loaded and we’ve been blitzing, face planting and…

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I failed but I’m not bitter

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I love the capacity of social media to connect like-minded people. Since we started Table Under a Tree, sharing our journey on Facebook and Instagram (seriously, follow us if you haven’t already!) has been a fascinating process. I have tried to be true to myself and strike a balance of…

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What’s on in February

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February is a great month in the Northern Rivers. Summer is still in full swing, but the crowds are a bit quieter and things feel a little more chilled. There’s plenty going on, and lots of ways you can experience the beach – and the Hinterland – like a local.…

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An urban adventure in Sydney

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Play with your food. That’s something we like to talk about at Table, and something we like to do ourselves at every turn. Sometimes that means in terms of what we’re cooking with and eating, and sometimes it means what we’re trying when we visit restaurants, cafes and the like.…

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Lazy days of summer

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January is flying by at a rate of knots, but there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas on things happening in the Northern Rivers for the rest of the month so you can make the most of lazy holiday…

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Fun, ferments and ever present haze

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As the days count down to the end of the year, it’s time to take a look back on the local food that has stood out for the Table Under a Tree team in 2019. And it’s a few food themes that spring to mind this year: fun food and…

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Fresh basil

What to buy at the markets in January

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What to look out for at the farmer’s markets in January Last month we told you that the drought is impacting on the produce that you’re likely to find at any farmer’s market in the Byron area and unfortunately that message holds true for the next month as well. That…

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