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What’s on in June

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Is there anything happening in the neighbourhood this month? Absolutely, just perhaps not the way it usually would! But there’s still fun and beauty and community to be found if you’ve had enough of isolation! Lismore’s fantastic annual Lantern Parade is still on, albeit in a very different form. This…

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What’s with all the different pods?

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Meal pods? Grazing pods? Produce pods? What gives?! When Table Under a Tree first came into being, our Meal Pods were the idea we built the business on. Connecting people visiting our Northern Rivers with great local ingredients to cook up a feast from small-scale local farmers, producers and growers.…

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What to find at the markets in June

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The chill is in the air and winter has arrived. The great thing is that it means there’s a load of new season veggies starting to hit peak supply and that is very, very exciting! Winter cooking is fun. Hearty, warming and soul-affirming. With the abundance of amazing fruit and…

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Awards, harvests, closures and more

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It’s been quite the busy period of time for the network of local farmers, growers and producers we’re connected with, and we thought it was well worth sharing some of their news with you. Leading the charge was Jonas from Fair Game Wild Venison, who took out an award worthy…

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Market vegetables

Let’s get seas-on-nal, seas-on-nal

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Don your leotard, pouff up your hair and let’s get seas-on-nal, seas-on-nal… Have you got the tune of Olivia Newton-John’s Physical running through your mind? Livvie’s got nothing on me! Alright, now that I’ve had my fun, let me just tell you that we’re excited to let you know that…

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Accidentally international and deliberately experimental

2560 2560 Table Under a Tree

Rissoles, apricot chicken and my personal favourite, leftovers on toast. If you’re around my age and grew up in the country or the ‘burbs, chances are that was pretty standard dinner fare. Lunches and breakfasts weren’t much more adventurous. Two-minute noodles were exotic; tinned spaghetti was a standard; and jaffles…

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Ducklings at Three Paddocks Farm

Life on our own Three Paddocks Farm

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Life on a farm, any farm, is one dictated by factors that are largely beyond your immediate control. Sure you have some say in it, but really, the things that really matter are the weather, animal behaviour and the balancing act that is soil health. Our own farm might be…

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May we please have a good month

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Each month we like to share a few tips about things happening locally that have caught our eye. That’s been a little hard of late, and we ended up creating a running list of events that have been postponed or cancelled! But now that some restrictions are starting to ease,…

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What to find at the markets in May

2041 1318 Table Under a Tree

The brassicas are coming. The brassicas are coming. The brassicas are coming. And yes, that is cause for much excitement! Now if you’re first response is to say, what’s a brassica, then just think cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese broccoli, cabbage, turnips and all those delicious comfort veggies most of us love!…

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Challenge of seasonal eating

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You know how good a strawberry tastes when picked at the height of ripeness? The aroma is amazing and the taste is beyond sweet. But then, taste a strawberry at any other time of the year, bought from a supermarket, chilled within an inch of its life and the taste…

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