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Externalisation of on-grade dining

Externalisation of on-grade dining 3024 3024 Table Under a Tree

I recently saw an article that canvassed, among other things, predicted food trends for 2019. I’m a sucker for reading these things but this one had me a bit perplexed. One of the predictions was the externalisation of on-grade dining. Huh? Or at the risk of showing my age, what…

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Follow your truth

Follow your truth 2000 1333 Table Under a Tree

We had to get some trees trimmed at Table HQ recently* and I struck up a conversation with the father-son arborist team that came to do the work. In talking about Table and my career shift, and about his business and what they do, the lovely Glenn confessed that he…

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brooke clunie red door studios byron bay pottery

Layers of Local

Layers of Local 2000 1334 Table Under a Tree

One of the amazing things about this region is that it draws to it an extraordinary array of talented people. It doesn’t matter what the field is, chances are there’s someone doing something fascinating. Usually the things that draw me in are the edible ones, but there’s obviously much more…

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How to find a farmer

How to find a farmer 2000 1333 Table Under a Tree

One of the things we’re often asked is how do we find the farmers, producers and places we use or visit with Table. The Northern Rivers is home to an extraordinary array of options to choose from – there’s something in the vicinity of 1,700 farms alone according to the…

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