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Evolution of a recipe: watching Miguel Maestre in action

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For a small family-run business, the a chance to be featured on a national television show is an opportunity that comes once in a blue moon. For us, the blue moon came recently, with a story on Channel 10’s The Living Room. We were part of a story with well-known…

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Life, love and butchery on the farm

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Three Paddocks Farm might be small, but it keeps us busy in so many ways. Winter on the farm is the time to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into things. You might think it would be a time for hunkering down; of cosying up by a fireplace with…

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Staying COVID-safe

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Just when you wrap your head around the situation, things seem to shift. Like any business trying to maintain operations during these times, we’ve had to keep a careful watch on the changing conditions and requirements the pandemic has created. We have adapted to suit from the start, and in…

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What to find at the markets in August

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August is an in-between month in many ways – we’re not quite hitting spring produce, and sometimes the weather does funny things to the winter crops. Luckily this year the winter veggies still seem to be doing well. There’s a few things that have eased off, or ended for now…

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What’s on in August

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Just when we thought things were ramping back up… I had been looking forward to sharing news of a busy month ahead, but COVID news of recent days and weeks seems to have sent things in an unexpected direction. So while there’s things happening in the beautiful Northern Rivers over…

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Fresh winter vegetables

What to find at the markets in July

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Winter vegetables are in full swing now and that means loads of veggies are in peak season this month. Time to get cooking good looking! Rather than give you a usual list of veggies this month (it would be looooong!) I thought I’d give you some highlights. Things that will…

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What’s on in July

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It might be mid-winter but that doesn’t mean hibernation in the Hinterland! Get out the popcorn! In the heart of the Hinterland, July is the perfect time to go to the movies. But not just any old movie… It’s time to go to the drive-in! Yes, Flicks in the Field…

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News from the paddocks and production rooms

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New plantings, new openings and new seasons. There’s plenty of new this month! I love chatting with the various producers and growers we work with. There’s always something going on in someone’s farm, shed, packing room or kitchen. I’ve decided I need to be more diligent about writing things down…

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Food storage tips from the experts

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Potatoes in the fridge? Butter on the bench? The five second rule?! Whether you call them urban myths or old wives tales, there’s some interesting approaches to how to best store some types of food. There’s probably too many idiosyncratic approaches out there to deal with, but we thought we…

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What Plastic Free July means for us

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Packaging is a real pinch-point for any business that involves deliveries, and doubly so if what you’re delivering is food! Throw in a worldwide pandemic and things get even more interesting. Yes, finding the sweet spot between protecting the quality and integrity of the produce, appropriate levels of hygiene, and…

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