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Ducklings at Three Paddocks Farm

Life on our own Three Paddocks Farm

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Life on a farm, any farm, is one dictated by factors that are largely beyond your immediate control. Sure you have some say in it, but really, the things that really matter are the weather, animal behaviour and the balancing act that is soil health. Our own farm might be…

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May we please have a good month

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Each month we like to share a few tips about things happening locally that have caught our eye. That’s been a little hard of late, and we ended up creating a running list of events that have been postponed or cancelled! But now that some restrictions are starting to ease,…

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What to find at the markets in May

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The brassicas are coming. The brassicas are coming. The brassicas are coming. And yes, that is cause for much excitement! Now if you’re first response is to say, what’s a brassica, then just think cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese broccoli, cabbage, turnips and all those delicious comfort veggies most of us love!…

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Challenge of seasonal eating

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You know how good a strawberry tastes when picked at the height of ripeness? The aroma is amazing and the taste is beyond sweet. But then, taste a strawberry at any other time of the year, bought from a supermarket, chilled within an inch of its life and the taste…

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What to find at the markets in April

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Corona or not, one thing is for sure. Local growers are starting to get back on their feet after a horror period of drought, fire and flood. That’s happy news because it means we’re going to be packing our new Produce Pods with some great local fruit and veggies, and…

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Market Produce Pods

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Connecting people with real food, from real people at real places has always been our thing at Table Under a Tree. Until a few weeks ago, we did that by offering food and farm tours, through delivering ready-to-cook meal pods across the Hinterland and we rocked a cracking good provedore…

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Let’s share some dinner inspiration!

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Socially distancing doesn’t mean we can’t engage and explore the world of food. It just means we need to do it a little differently! We always tell people to play with your food. Have fun with it and don’t take cooking too seriously. We’re not on MasterChef here! Food is…

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A symphony of drought and fire

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Ewen and the team at Symphony Hill Wines have been our vino-friends since we started Table. We’ve always loved using their wines, knowing there is such a great back-story to what they’re doing. And now we find lots of people asking us about whose wine they should drink if they…

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Beat the winter blues

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Time to get ready for some unusual winter months in the Hinterland! To help us all plan for the winter months ahead, we’ve compiled a list of what’s on, what’s not and what’s changed. We’ll keep this updated on a rolling basis so please share this widely and let us…

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The ingenuity of a farmer

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Farmers are a resourceful bunch, constantly adapting to weather, the economy, the animals and more. MacGyver has nothing on these folks! Over the last few weeks, the inventiveness and resilience of the local small-scale producers we work was at front of mind. I was talking with Warren Wiggins at Boorabee…

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