Awards, harvests, closures and more

News from local farmers, growers and producers

Awards, harvests, closures and more

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It’s been quite the busy period of time for the network of local farmers, growers and producers we’re connected with, and we thought it was well worth sharing some of their news with you.

Leading the charge was Jonas from Fair Game Wild Venison, who took out an award worthy of note. He was named as a state winner in the annual Delicious Harvey Norman Produce Awards State Winners. From the best in dairy and sea, to the top produce from the paddock and the earth, awards are all about quality, talent and hard work. Amazing  effort Jonas! And congratulations also to Boon Luck Farm in Tyagarah who were also gonged in the earth category for their Tiger Striped Peanuts. Sounds fascinating.

On the harvest front, Frank from Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice is a busy man this time of year. He’s harvesting fresh pecans and in a matter of weeks, he’ll be getting the header out to harvest this year’s crop of dry land rice. It’ll be a smaller harvest due to the ongoing challenges of weather, so I’ll be stocking up early so we can supply you all with rice!

Meanwhile, up at Tumbulgum, the good folks at Husk are readying themselves for cane harvesting. And cane harvesting means rum! They’re getting their harvester for the big season ahead and that means we’ll be counting down for a new batch of Bam Bam! There’s another one I’ll be stocking up on…

Bec at Zentveld’s Coffee is working overtime now, roasting their coffee beans. And nothing beats the aroma of a freshly ground bag of coffee beans from their roastery. Every time someone orders coffee I say a little swear word! The smell makes me crave coffee like you wouldn’t believe!

Speaking of things that smell good, Fran and Jamie at Blue Kitchen Gourmet have been jarring fresh batches of green curry with local lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, local green chillies, lemons and limes. Aroma city! Plus it is gluten free, diary free and vegan so hard to beat for a flavour hit.

In sad news, Matt and Ash from Eltham Valley Pantry have decided to close the café. As they say, COVID happened. The Pantry has had a long history so it is a shame to see that these crazy circumstances have forced their hand. But it isn’t a complete farewell luckily, because the good news is that they will be focusing on their pecan products (as Barefoot Farm) so the pecan pies and the dark chocolate pecans are still a thing! Lucky given they’re harvesting now too!

Also moving on is Sheia Kalima Kironn from Lifeforce Farm. Sheia has been farm-less for nearly a year and just let us know that she’s found a new space to farm her greens and flowers and is in the process of getting back up and running now. Unfortunately it’s up in Chillingham, outside of Murwillumbah, so not in our patch of the Hinterland but we wish her steady rain and lots of sun!

COVID seems to have been a time for local product development as well. Claire at Wattle Tree Creek has a new product out: a Davidson Plum, Jaboticaba and Lemon Myrtle Jam. It is divine and pairs beautifully with Jonas’ venison. Back on the pecans, Barefoot Farm have added milk and white chocolate covered pecans to their offerings. And up in Burringbar, Dona Cholita are opening a little Mexican takeaway joint. Mercado Juarez will start with Friday night tacos and eventually be just like a little market in Mexico with food, drinks, music and more. Sounds fun!

Wonder what the next month will bring!