Accidentally international and deliberately experimental

Why playing with food is a fun thing

Accidentally international and deliberately experimental

Accidentally international and deliberately experimental 2560 2560 Table Under a Tree

Rissoles, apricot chicken and my personal favourite, leftovers on toast.

If you’re around my age and grew up in the country or the ‘burbs, chances are that was pretty standard dinner fare. Lunches and breakfasts weren’t much more adventurous.

Two-minute noodles were exotic; tinned spaghetti was a standard; and jaffles were in no way hipster.

Actually, hipsters didn’t exist in the 1980s! Sweet and sour chicken was in no way ironic.

To be fair, I do remember taking pieces of raw fennel to school as snacks; and I also remember Mum making something that could fairly loosely be called pizza, so my memories of childhood food aren’t completely benign. It often makes me wonder though, what will be ingrained in my daughter’s mind when she looks back at the things I make us for meals and pack in her lunchbox. I’ve been thinking about that lately and reflecting on the rather eclectic mix of things I like to cook.

We definitely canvas the globe, whether in ingredient or in style, often in a single week.

Last night was Japanese yakitori. There was an Italian road-test of the mushroom and crème-fraiche spaghetti special offered with the Produce Pods. It was delicious if not photogenic. And at some point this week, there will be some Mexican-inspired lamb barbacoa tacos.

We also do experimental. Tonight will be venison hearts and I once went a bit kooky and made hot dogs from carrots. Don’t laugh. They were great; a happy experimentation. The infamous raw-vegan foray of 2011 was less impressive!

There’s was a whole week where we attempted to eat the rainbow: each meal was a set of like-coloured vegetables. I didn’t quite make it through all the colours, but we did pretty well and it was fun.

The list goes on…

And so I come back to my musing: what will my daughter look back on in twenty years’ time? Hopefully she’ll be reminiscing with friends while nibbling on some cuisine I’ve never explored. She’ll probably be looking back on the odd lot I dished up with amusement, now appreciating all those times I implored her to “try this Bo…”.

Do you want to try something new? Think about trying a new vegetable or protein with your next Produce Pod order, and if you’re not sure what to try, just drop me a line and I’ll give you a few suggestions!


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