About us

Table Under a Tree is family owned and operated business built from an innate curiosity and sense of adventure.

Like many others, we’ve chosen to make the Northern Rivers our home, taking a circuitous route along the way. New Zealand by way of Sydney’s outer bush, and country NSW with a long layover in Sydney’s inner city. Throughout careers in consultancies and public administration we were footloose and fancy free before the inevitable march into full blown adulthood and all the usual things that come with it. The constant was a shared love of food, travel and warm weather.

It’s no surprise that this region called to us!

Our family now makes our home on a small farm in the Byron hinterland. We’re not primary producers as much as we’d love to be, but we do have a menagerie of animals to share our small farm.

Nor are we chefs, even though we get our aprons on daily and compulsively read and collect recipes and cookbooks.

And we’re not growers really, despite a prolific crop of parsley, some Davidson plum trees groaning with fruit and a pantry full of preserved this and pickled that.

We love experimenting and playing with our food.

We’ve always done that: had food adventures, whether at home or when travelling, even if just to one of Sydney’s amazing suburbs. After so many personal experiences of wanting to experience what the locals eat, cook and taste in any destination, we fine-tuned our own ways of researching a destination before we went, and then absorbing as much of it as we could once we got there.

Yes, there were lists and often spreadsheets involved!

We started writing lists for friends and family too, giving them the heads-up on culinary gems, must-try oddities and local specialities as well as quirky things to see. Recommendations on what to eat, what to cook and what to do.

And little by little, the seed of an idea was planted. Could we really make a business out of this? Could we package up all those tastes and ingredients and actually deliver it to locals and visitors, or take them to see it themselves? The answer to that question is what you’re seeing now: the produce pods, gourmet meal pods and foodie tours we proudly offer.

We champion the smaller, artisan producers who are dedicated to growing, raising and making real and unique food. We know that supporting them helps us all make food choices that boosts our local community and the local economy and that protects the local environment for the future.

We love curating the pods and designing the tours and hope you will love getting up close and personal with this region and its people, places and food as much as we do.

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